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  This long list of links is a sitemap of the original website of the province,, which went online in January of 1996 and was built up over ten years.
   A new, more interactive site,, replaced it in 2006, leaving behind much of the content of the original site. This page which can be searched using the FIND function of your browser.

This Original site (1996-2005):       
Current site (2020):

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(a ghost from the past)



  • The Chronology of the Works of Ibn-Rushd
  • The Human Intellect: The Journey of an Idea from Aristotle to Ibn-Rushd
  • Muslim Theology as Presented by Muhammad ibn-Yusuf as-Sanusi
  • Islamic Monotheism: Principles and Consequences
  • Common Themes of Islamic and Christian Theology
  • Jesus and Mary in Islam: A Christian Look
  • Sacrifice: Philosophical, Theological and Comparative Probes
  • The Relevance of Theology to the Ordinary Life of Nigerians in Nigeria
  • The Sources of Radical Movements in Islam
  • Aux sources des mouvements radicaux dans l'Islam
  • Medicine in Islam
  • Rhetorical Structure in the Qur'an
  • Al-Fârâbî and the Contingency Argument for God's Existence
  • Ibn-Sînâ on the Human Soul, in Notes... on Natural Science, Book II, Section 5
  • Ibn-Masarra: His Risâla al-i`tibâr
  • كتابأصول الدين
  • Translation of Usman dan Fodio's Elements Of Religion (Usul Ad-Din)
  • Muhammad Ibn Yusuf Al-Senussi: The Muqaddimah: متنالمقدمة ,translation
  • The Small Catechism: متنالعقيدة الصغرى, translation
  • The Psalms
  • Daily Psalms and Canticles in Their Original Languages
  • The Psalms in Hausa
  • St. Albert the Great's Commentary on the Psalms
  • Powerful Titles of Jesus in the Bible
  • Stations of the Passion and Resurrection
  • Various Hymns

  • A Seventeenth Century Belgian Visitor to Agadez and the North of Nigeria: Pieter Fardé
  • Church Contextualization in Nigeria, 1970-1990

  • The spiritualist heresy
  • Prophets who attack the Catholic Church







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