The Dominicans by Benedict M. Ashley, O. P.

1. Founder's Spirit
2. Professor's (1200s)
3. Mystics (1300s)
4. Humanists (1400s)
5. Reformers (1500s)
6. Debaters (1600s)
7. Survivors (1700s)
8. Compromise (1800s)
9. Ecumenists (1900s)
10. The Future

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In our pluralistic age we recognize many traditions have special gifts to make to a rich, well-balanced spirituality for our time. My own life has shown me the spiritual tradition stemming from St. Dominic, like that from his contemporary St. Francis, provides ever fresh insights. No tradition, however, can be understood merely by looking at its origins. We must see it unfold historically in those who have been formed by that tradition in many times and situations and have furthered its development. To know its essential strength, we need to see it tested, undergoing deformations yet recovering and growing.

Therefore, I have tried to survey its eight centuries to give some sense of its chronology and its individual personalities, and of the inclusive Dominican Family. I have aimed only to provide a sketch to encourage readers to use the bibliography to explore further, but with regret I have omitted all documentation except to indicate the source of quotations. Translated quotations are mine.

I thank Sister Susan Noffke, O.P., Fr. Thomas Donlan, O.P., for encouraging this project and my Provincial, Fr. Donald Goergen, O. P., and my Prior, Joseph Gillespie, O. P., along with my brothers of St. Louis Bertrand Priory, St. Louis, especially Benjamin Russell, O.P., and also William Conlan, O.P., for reading the manuscript, and the faculty and staff of Aquinas Institute of Theology and PARABLE for supporting its completion.

Benedict M. Ashley, O.P.

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Religious Order Series Volume 3 The Dominicans
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