Dominican Central -- Our Former Internet Home (1996 -- 2006)

Welcome to an overview of the Dominican Central Province, the Province of St. Albert the Great in the USA. We are a Roman Catholic religious order of men officially called the Order of Preachers. Our provincial headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois. As the United States Central Province, with 240 members, we minister primarily in the Midwest, but our work extends throughout the world. Our ministries span from Albuquerque to Detroit, from St. Louis to Minneapolis, then on to Bolivia, Central America, Rome, and Nigeria.

Our mission is preaching. The following pages demonstrate that this preaching takes place in a wide variety of settings: in diocesan offices,in parishes, on college and university campuses, in schools, in hospitals, through the arts, in the missions, among the poor, on the road, and in various other specialized fields.

As preachers, we are apostolic men. As friars, we are brothers living together in community, committed to the values of evangelical poverty, chastity, and obedience. Our life is centered on prayer and study. Common prayer nourishes us and binds us together in Christ. Study is integral to our lives and prepares us for our ministries. We live for the sake of the gospel. The call to be men of the gospel dedicated to truth, is the foundation of our life together and our sense of mission.

This is our MISSION STATEMENT, what we are about: