Kevin O'Rourke OP:
Ethical Issues in Health Care

Monthly during the academic year, Kevin O'Rourke, OP, JCD, STM, Director of the Center for Health Care Ethics, St. Louis University Medical Center, St. Louis, Mo., published a short newsletter seeking to discuss ethical issues that affect people preparing for, or involved in, the health care professions. Here is a collection of most of these letters, presented in chronological order.
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Ethical Issues in Health Care
September, 1979; I/1.
Can We Agree?
October, 1979; I/2.
Definition of Death

November, 1979; I/3.
On Selling Organs
December, 1979; I/4.
Telling the Truth to Patients
January, 1980; I/5.
Transplanting Corneal Tissue
February, 1980; I/6.
Whose Life Is It Anyway?
March, 1980; I/7.
Informed Consent
April, 1980; I/8.
The Ethical Physician
May, 1980; I/9.
Proxy Consent:
Deciding for Others

October, 1980; II/2.
or Chemical Dependency

November, 1980; II/3.
Ethical Norms
for Medicine in the U.S.

December, 1980; II/4.
For a Sexual Future
January, 1981; II/5.
Allowing a Person to Die
February, 1981; II/6.
End Stage Renal Disease
March, 1981; II/7.
The Human Factor
in Medical Error

April, 1981; II/8.
How Health Care
Becomes a Business

May, 1981; II/9.
In Vitro Fertilization

September, 1981; III/1.
"Don't be judgmental"
October, 1981; III/2.
Peace On Earth,
Good Will Toward Some

December, 1981; III/4.
A Rational Choice?

January, 1982; III/5.
Physicians & Stress
in the 21st Century

February, 1982; III/6.
Genetic Engineering:
Some Ethical Observations

March, 1982; III/7.
Autopsy: Ethical
& Religious Considerations.

April, 1982; III/8.
The Infant Doe Case
May, 1982; III/9.
Masking Ethical Dilemmas
in Medicine

September, 1982; IV/1.
Who Shall Live?
November, 1982; IV/3.
Ethical Issues
in a Pluralistic Society

January, 1983; IV/5.
Tube Feeding:
Routine Nursing Care?

March, 1983; IV/7.
Ethics Committees
in Hospitals

May, 1983; IV/9.
"Only God Can
Help My Daughter"

September, 1983; V/1.
Counseling and Values
November, 1983; V/3.
The Baby Doe Legacy
January, 1984; V/5.
Economics & Health Care:
The Dominating Values

March, 1984; V/7.
Treating Hopelessly Ill Patients
April, 1984; V/8.
Medical Ethics:
Where Does It Come From?

September, 1984; VI/1.
The Baby Fae Legacy
November, 1984; VI/3.
The Claire Conroy Case:
Withholding Tube Feeding

January, 1985; VI/5.
The Arizona Heart Transplants
March, 1985; VI/7.
The Values Inherent
in Medical Care

May, 1985; VI/9.
Mercy Killing
& Allowing to Die

September, 1985; VII/1.
Who Will Determine
Medical Ethics?

November, 1985; VII/3.
Ethical Issues in Research
February, 1986; VII/6.
The AMA Statement
on Tube Feeding

April, 1986; VII/8.
Various Ethical Systems
September, 1986; VIII/1.
On Playing God
November, 1986; VIII/3.
Physicians: Healers
or Officers of the Court

January, 1987; VIII/5.
King Solomon & Baby M
March, 1987; VIII/7.
Anencephalic Infants:
Alive or Dead?

May, 1987; VIII/9.
Research With Fetal Tissue
September, 1987; IX/1.
Role of Ethics
in Medical Decision Making

November, 1987; IX/3.
Euthanasia, On the Horizon?
January, 1988; IX/5.
The Critical Question
February, 1988; IX/6.
Physician Competency,
Whose Responsibility?

June, 1988; IX/10.
Some Ethical Considerations

October, 1988; X/2.
Nancy Beth Cruzan Revisited
November, 1988; X/3.
Research on Human Embryos
January, 1989; X/5.
Statement of the American
Academy of Neurology

March, 1989; X/7.
The Essence is Empathy

June, 1989; X/10.
Medical Ethics
Requires Accurate Distinctions

Septembe, 1989; XI/1.
AIDS Research
Innovative Methods

November, 1989; XI/3.
Treatment of Rape Victims
January, 1990; XI/5.
Conceiving One Child
To Save Amother

March, 1990; XI/7.
Use of Artificial
Hydration & Nutrition

June, 1990; XI/10.
Living Will &
Durable Power of Attorney

October, 1990; XII/2.
Informed Consent
in the Neonatal Care Unit

December, 1990; XII/4.
Unfinished Business
in the Cruzan Case

January, 1991; XII/5.
CPR & DNR Revisited
March, 1991; XII/7.
The Patient
Self Determination Act

May, 1991; XII/9.
Enlightened Legislation:
Ethical Considerations

December, 1991; XIII/4.
Genetics, Religion, & Ethics
March, 1992; XIII/7.
The Oregon Plan:
Portents for the Future?

September, 1992; XIV/1.
Physician Self Referral:
Ethical Issues

December, 1992; XIV/4.
Ethical Criteria
for Removing Life Support

March, 1993; XIV/7.
Is There a Human Right
to Health Care?

September, 1993; XV/1.
Separating the Lakeberg Twins:
Ethical Issues

January, 1995; XV/5.
Informed Consent:
Therapeutic & Nontherapeutic Trials

May, 1994; XV/9.
Physician Assisted Suicide:
An Ethical Analysis of Presuppositions

September, 1994; XVI/1.
Embryo Research:
Ethical Issues

January, 1995; XVI/5.
Genetic Testing:
Ethical Issues

May, 1995; XVI/9.
"No Greater Love"
October, 1995; XVII/2.
Lessons in Care
of the Dying

December, 1995; XVII/4.
Federal Courts Approve
Physician Assisted Suicide

April, 1996; XVII/8.
Religious Beliefs
& Life Saving Theory

December, 1996; XVIII/4.
Treating Symptoms
or Basic Causes

April, 1997; XVIII/8.
Medical Ethics
in Need of Repair

Fall, 1997.
The 800 Pound Gorilla

December, 1997; XIX/4.

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