Iraq Petition

April 1999
To: Dominicans
From: Fr. Bob Keller, O.P.
Re: A gospel action on behalf of humanitarian aid

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you know the Gulf War in 1991-1992 nearly thrust the nation into medieval social conditions. Most electric power was gone; water pipes were destroyed (because most run across rivers under bridges ... which were bombed); hospitals were struck. An international embargo ensued. This has been one of the most universally applied embargoes in history. in short, the people have never had the supplies needed to rebuild their homes or the country. They are in desperate conditions. Millions of children have died because of the conditions. If nothing changes, a whole generation will die. This is contrary to the gospel.

Many of you-like me-have read how Pope John Paul II has spoken of exercising compassion on the people of this land. Following his prompting, this petition simply asks that humanitarian aid be allowed to enter the country. You will notice the petition asks for international groups, primarily religious in nature, to assure that the aid gets to the people.

Where is this petition going? The Aquinas Newman Center is sending it to the United Nations via the religious non-governmental organizations (NGO), explicitly the Dominicans. We are doing our petition signature drive in late May. If you wish your parish to join our effort in this petition request, please send them to me. I will forward them. There is no immediately rush (e.g., May), but the sooner, the better. If you wish to send it yourself. Sr. Eileen Gannon, O.P., 175 Route 340, Sparkill, NY 10976. Aquinas Newman Center is also sending CC. to our elected representatives.

God bless you and may fidelity to the gospel keep us compassionate and courageous.

fRobert J. Keller, O.P.

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