Some time ago I came into possession of a number of photocopied pages which contained Dominican decorative art. I have been informed by Fr. Salus Mateos OP that these pages were prepared by a Dominican Spanish Father: CARMELO PRECIADO, master of Novices for all the provinces in the Iberian Peninsula. He collected all the drawings, a patient work which took him a lot of time. He is so humble that never put his name at the beginning of the phtocopied pages. They are presented to our visitors for their own use. The black and white line drawings have been scanned in greyscale, cleaned up, and in some cases straightened out. They have then been saved as 4-bit, 16 color, large sheets, in the .gif format.

These images are really clip-art, for they are meant to be "clipped". Click on the (25k) preview image which contains the image you want. It's a link to a much larger image, which will then be downloaded to your browser (200-400kb). Be patient. When fully downloaded, save the larger image for your use. Then, using a graphics program, "clip" out the item you wish to use. It is better to have a larger image and downsize it yourself than to try to enlarge it.

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