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Preaching Magazine
Preaching magazine is a bi-monthly professional journal for ministers. Preaching is designed to help ministers strengthen their pulpit ministries and worship leadership. This area contains information about Preaching magazine, announcements of upcoming issues and conference events (including the International Congress on Preaching in London), sample articles and sermons from past issues, and a full electronic version of the magazine (available by subscription).
Daily Wisdom
Christian reflections for every day gospels.
Bible Gateway
Gospel Communications Network
Crosssearch: Searchable Index of Christian Resources on the net
Gospel of Barnabas
Gospel of Barnabas Barnabas was born in a Jewish family of Cyprus. His original name was Joses or or Joseph. Because of his devotion and loyalty to Prophet Jesus and his sacrifice, other apostles... (4k)
The Trinity (IIIc)
The Trinity (IIIc) The NT Witness: The Self-Understanding of Jesus (Gospel of John) After discovering that the data of the Synoptics supported the view that Jesus understood Himself (and claimed... (17k)
Who Is Jesus?
Who Is Jesus? WHO IS JESUS? by Ray C. Stedman This morning we are beginning studies in the Gospel according to John. This gospel was written by the disciple of whom it was said, "Jesus loved...
Gospels: Gospel Debate (0k)
Worship that Works/ Selected Sermons
Episcopal clergy Sunday homilies.
Catholic Perspective on: Women in Society and in the Churc...
Catholic Perspective on: Women in Society and in the Church Catholic Perspective on: Women in Society and in the Church "To her [Mary] I entrust you, that the New Woman, Mother of the Church and of the... Collected by the Newman Center at CALTECH (5k)

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