"We came whilrling out of nothingness scattering stars like dust. The stars made a circle, and in the middle we dance." ---speaks Rumi, the 12th century Sufi Master and poet, echoing a new consciousness of men waking up to the treasures within our own hearts. Somewhere deep within the recesses of our souls, we can hear the stirrings of sacred dance and song, a gift of our male ancestors that originates in the splendor and radiance of the starry night. In remembering the dance and song that celebrates the male treasures of courage, faithfulness, endurance, brotherhood, respect, affection, tenderness, passion, love, grief, strength, friendship, joy, wonder, sorrow, intuition and much more, we claim the birthright of an honorable maleness.

Since 1986, Male Spirit has provided profoundly transforming experiences for hundreds of men throughout the country. There are a variety of ways to participate in this sacred work. We offer weekend and one day retreats, evening gatherings of men for ritual and mutual support, and a quarterly newsletter. You are invited to inquire further and join us for one of our events.

Male Spirit Principles:

Internally focused. Maleness must be experienced and honored from within our gender, not focused on dependend and conflictual relationships with women.

Experiential. Ours is not a cognitive/verbal path. Rather, we create ritual time and space that carries us to the intuitive and feeling places within that are deeper than words alone.

Interfaith. We welcome men of all traditions as spiritual sojourners, making a clear distinction between shame-based religiosity and a healthy spirituality.

Respectful, supportive and dignifying. We honor all men, whether we are young or in our wisdom years. rich or poor, gay, straight, or bisexual. The ocntext iis non-confrontaitonal and empowering both for a man's personal journey and for his involvement in society.

Holistic. Our model integrates the spiritual, physical and emotional health of men.

Male Spirit Statement of Purpose:

Male Spirit is a gathering of men whose lives are a quest for manhood that finds realization:

In creating together the sacred space where the self can be revealed withouth fear of judgment or rejeciton, inner wounds healed and new directions taken;

In experiencing the male rituals that connect men with the earth and with one another in powerful interdependence;

In the union of strength with beauty;

In honoring the diveristy of spiritual paths men take;

In the clear intention to serve on another as brothers, friends and guides for life's journey.

Joseph Kilikevice, O.P.
204 South Humphrey Avenue
Oak Park, Illinois 60302-3327

SHEM, an Aramaic language root sound with layers of meaning
expressing the Divine radiance and splendor in all creation

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