Works of Thomas McGlynn II

Tom with Terrence Cardinal Cooke of New York, 1974.

This glimpse of Tom's Pietrasanta studio
shows the Pope John XXIII bust in the background;
the St. Dominic study is to the left;
the unfinished Job is in the forefront.

Pope John XXIII, original plaster, twice life-size, 1966

This figure is the head study for a proposed
nine foot figure. A competition was set up
in Italy for a proposed monument to the Pope.

The monument was never made, but Tom had the
head cast in bronze. The first casting is at
the headquarters of the Italian Bishop's
Conference in Rome, the second casting graces
the McGlynn Sculpture Court at Providence College.

The Flight Into Egypt, bronze, 4", 1965

This figure is one of this most spontaneous
and creative works. three young Italian girls
from the Pietrasanta neighborhood frequently
visited his studio. While he enjoyed talking
with these small children, it did take up
valuable time. Ton day, in 1965, when they
stopped by when he was very busy, he asked,
"Do you want to see me make a donkey?"
With that, he took some wax and very quickly
made a donkey.

He then proceed to add a man, a woman, and a child riding on the donkey and completed the small sculpture in an hour without any deep reflection on the process. What he had made was a small sculpture of Mary, Joseph , and the child Jesus fleeing into Egypt to avoid the persecution of King Herod.

The Twelfth Station, mahogany, 18", 1950

This wood carving was done while McGlynn was stationed
at St. Monica's parish in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was
done for his classmate, Jim McLarney, who was Prior at St.
Joseph's Priory in Somerset, Ohio.
Tom was very good at wood carving. Although he had never
carved marble before he did the marble sculpture of Our Lady
of Fatima, he maintaiined that once you knew how to carve,
you could carve in any medium. He did, whowever, do two small
stone carvings as practice before he began the Fatima Statue.