The Mask of Lying Glory

Like a sudden shot that echoes from the primal past
Shattering the composure of the mind at rest
Some dreadful, violent image shook the soul at peace
That thought such horrors, once destroyed, forever cease.

So great the force that sprang from image to desire,
It seemed the soul would perish in eternal fire
As if the will, not wanting to, would soon embrace
The base desire to be alone the lord of time and space.

No other trial had ever equaled it in rigor.
For like an angel's face aglow with blazing splendor,
It promised total power, perfect peace , and great delight
If the mortal one would just give up its hopeless fight.

Then the Lord of all the galaxies of space and time
Rebuked the wanton angel for its vicious crime
And ripped away the mask of lying glory
To show the soul the evil in the demon's story.

Unmasked, the demon poised to strike again,
this time with naked force
But God swooped down
and rescued that poor, suffering, faithful soul.
He greeted it with lavish gifts from love's unending source,
Making it his friend,
forever unassailable, beautiful and whole.

D. Andres

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