Jordan Aumann O.P.: Spiritual Theology In Spiritual Theology Father Jordan Aumann dispels the common misconception that ascetical and mystical theology is for the select few. He reminds us that "the real purpose of the study of the spiritual life is not to produce scholars but to form holy Christians."

Basing much of his work on St. Thomas Aquinas, St. John of the Cross, and St. Teresa, Father Aumann proves that Christian perfection consists especially in charity, a charity richly rewarded in spiritual graces.

He presents the most complete and systematic treatment of spiritual theology since Vatican II. Comprehensive in scope, it meets the needs of seminarians, professors of spiritual theology, spiritual directors, and retreat masters. This classic will also appeal to the educated reader seeking a richer and fuller spiritual life.

JORDAN AUMANN, O.P. is a native of the United States and Director of the Institute of Spirituality at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome. He is also a Consultor for the Sacred Congregation for the Clergy and Catechetics and likewise a Consultor for the Sacred Congregation for Evangelization. Since 1977 he has been giving special courses in spirituality at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, where he is an honorary professor. He has likewise travelled extensively throughout the Philippines to give retreats to the clergy, and retreats and special series of lectures to religious and seminarians. Father Aumann has also written the book History of Spirituality published in the Philippines by St. Paul Publications.


1.Nature and Scope of Spiritual Theology
Spirituality and Theology
Definition of Spiritual Theology
Theological Method
Sources of Spiritual Theology
Schools of Spirituality

2.The Goal of Our Striving
The Glory of God
Salvation - The Life of Glory

3. Our Life in Christ and Mary
Scriptural Testimony
Christ the Way
Christ the Truth
Christ the Life
Through Him, With Him, In Him
Mary - Mother and Mediatrix

4. The Supernatural Organism
Sanctifying Grace
Effects of Grace
Indwelling of the Trinity
Actual Grace
The Infused Virtues
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Fruits of the Spirit and Beatitudes

5. Perfection of the Christian Life
The Nature of Christian Perfection
Special Questions

6. Christian Perfection and Mystical Experience
Mystical Experience
The Mystical State and Christian Perfection
7. Conversion From Sin
The Psychosomatic Structure
The Struggle Against Sin

8. Progressive Purgation
Purification of the External Senses
Purification of the Internal Senses
Purification of the Passions
Purification of the Intellect
Purification of the Will
Passive Purgations

9. Means of Spiritual Growth
The Sacraments
Meritorious Good Works
Prayer of Petition

10. The Theological Virtues
The Gift of Understanding
The Gift of Knowledge
The Gift of Fear
The Gift of Wisdom

11. The Moral Virtues
The Gift of Counsel
The Gift of Piety
The Gift of Fear
The Gift of Fortitude

12. Grades of Prayer
Vocal Prayer
Affective Prayer
Prayer of Simplicity
Contemplative Prayer
Prayer of Quiet
Prayer of Union
Prayer of Conforming Union
Prayer of Transforming Union

13. Aids to Spiritual Growth
The Presence of God
Examination of Conscience
The Desire for Perfection
Conformity to God's Will
Fidelity to Grace
Plan of Life
Spiritual Reading
Holy Friendships
Spiritual Direction

14. Discernment of Spirits
Types of Spirits
Psychosomatic Phenomena
Extraordinary Mystical Phenomena

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