Calendar of the Order of Preachers


Seasons (pp. 1-74)


Ash Wednesday           1

Passion (Palm) Sunday            9

Holy Week      24

Easter Triduum:

Holy Thursday       25

Good Friday          30

Holy Saturday       47

Easter Vigil           48

Easter Season:

Ascension 74


Saints (pp.1-143)


General Calendar of the Order

January      1

February    8

April   25

May     33

June     39

July      44



October     70



Blesseds of the Order for Particular Calendars

January      94

February    100

April   104

May     109

June     117

July      121

August       124


October     133


December  143



Common of Martyrs

Outside the Easter Season:

1. For Several Martyrs #1       1

2. For Several Martyrs #2       2

3. For One Martyr #1  2

4. For One Martyr #2  3


In the Easter Season:

5. For Several Martyrs #1       4

6. For Several Martyrs #2       5


Common of Pastors


1. For Popes    6

2. For Bishops #1        7

3. For Bishops #2        8

4. For Pastors #1         8

5. For Pastors #2         9

6. For Priests   10


Common of Virgins


1. General #1  11

2. General #2  12

3. General #3  13


Common of Holy Men and Women


1. General #1  14

2. General #2  15

3. For Religious #1 .   15

4. For Religious #2 .   16

5. For Those Who Performed Works of Mercy           17

6. For Holy Women     18

7. For Missionaries .   19


Various Needs       (pp.1-6)


1. For a Chapter or Council    1

2. For Preachers .        3

3. For Pastoral or Spiritual Meetings .            4


Votive Masses       (pp.1-11)


1. Holy Name of Jesus .          1

2. Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ

A Holy Cross        2

B. Precious Blood4

3. Blessed Virgin Mary

A. Mary, Mother of the Church     5

B. Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary  7

4. Saints of the Order of Preachers     10


Masses for the Dead (p.1)


Appendix   (pp.1-6)

Holy Thursday

A. Chants for the "Mandatum" .     1

B. "Ubi Caritas" .  6




1. Alphabetical Index of Saints and Feasts      1

2. Index of Prefaces     4


The General Calendar of the Order of Preachers and the Particular Calendar for the Use of Provinces, Monasteries and Congregations are combined below. Blesseds in the Particular Calendar are indicated by indentation. The rank of feasts in the General Calendar are indicated as follows:

S = Solemnity

F = Feast

M = Memorial (Obligatory)

OM = Optional Memorial


Four secondary titles have been used to indicate the place of particular saints and blesseds in the Order, i.e., Friar, Nun, Sister and Lay Dominican.




[Holy Name of Jesus]

3             Bl. Stephana Quinzani, Sister and Virgin

4             Bl. Zedislava Berkiana, Lay Dominican and Wife

7       St. Raymond of Penyafort, Friar, Priest and Master of the Order (M)

10           Bl. Gonsalvo of Amarante, Friar and Pries

Bl. Ann of the Angels Monteagudo, Nun and Virgin

11           Bl. Bernard Scammacca, Friar and Priest

18     St. Margaret of Hungary, Nun and Virgin (M)

19           Bl. Andrew of Peschiera, Friar and Priest

22           Bl. Anthony della Chiesa, Friar and Priest

23           Bl. Henry Suso, Friar and Priest

27           Bl. Marolino of Forli, Friar and Priest

28       St. Thomas Aquinas, Friar, Priest and Doctor of the Church (F)

29           Bl. Villana de Botti, Lay Dominican and Wife




2       [Presentation of the Lord (F)]

3             Bl. Peter of Ruffia, Friar, Priest and Martyr

Bl. Anthony Pavonio, Friar, Priest and Martyr

Bl. Bartholomew of Cerverio, Friar, Priest and Martyr

4       St. Catherine de Ricci, Sister and Virgin (M)

7       Anniversary of Deceased Parents

12     Bl. Reginald of Orleans, Friar and Priest (OM)

13     Bl. Jordan of Saxony, Friar, Priest and Master of the Order (M)

16           Bl. Nicholas Paglia, Friar and Priest

18     Bl. John of Fiesole (Fra Angelico), Friar and Priest (OM)

19           Bl. Alvarez of Cordoba, Friar and Priest

20           Bl. Christopher of Milan, Friar and Priest

24           Bl. Constantius of Fabriano, Friar and Priest




25           [Annuntiation (S)]




5       St. Vincent Ferrer, Friar and Priest (M)

10           Bl. Anthony Neyrot, Friar, Priest and Martyr

13           Bl. Margaret of Castello, Lay Dominican and Virgin

14           Bl. Peter Gonzalez, Friar and Priest

17           Bl. Clara Gambacorta, Nun and Widow

Bl. Maria Macini, Nun and Widow

19           Bl. Isnard of Chiampo, Friar and Priest

Bl. Sibyllina Biscossi, Lay Dominican and Virgin

20     St. Agnes of Montepulciano, Nun and Virgin

27           Bl. Osanna of Kotor, Lay Dominican and Virgin

29     St. Catherine of Siena, Lay Dominican, Virgin and Doctor of the Church (F)

30     St. Pius V, Friar and Pope (M)




[Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ]

4             Bl. Emily Bicchieri, Nun and Virgin

7             Bl. Albert of Bergamo, Lay Dominican and Husband

8       [Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary]

10     St. Antoninus of Florence, Friar and Bishop (M)

12           Bl. Jane of Portugal, Nun and Virgin

13           Bl. Imelda Lambertini, Nun and Virgin

15           Bl. Giles of Portugal, Friar and Priest

Bl. Andrew Mellon, Friar and Priest

19           Bl. Francis Coll Guitart, Friar and Priest

21           Bl. Columba of Rieti, Sister and Virgin

24     Translation of Our Holy Father Dominic (M)

27           Bl. Andrew Franchi, Friar and Bishop

28           Bl. Mary Bartholomew Bagnesi, Lay Dominican and Virgin

29           Bl. William Arnaud, Friar and Priest, and Companions, Martyrs

30           Bl. James Salomonio, Friar and Priest




2             Bl. Sadoc, Friar and Priest, and Companions, Martyrs

4       St. Peter of Verona, Friar, Priest and Martyr (M)

8       Bl. Diana and Bl. Cecilia, Nuns and Virgins (OM)

10     Bl. John Dominic, Friar and Bishop (OM)

12           Bl. Stephen Bandelli, Friar and Priest

18           Bl. Osanna of Mantua, Lay Dominican and Virgin

20           Bl. Margaret Ebner, Nun and Virgin

23           Bl. Innocent V, Friar and Pope




7             Bl. Benedict XI, Friar and Pope

8             Bl. Adrian Fortescue, Lay Dominican, Husband and Martyr

9       St. John of Cologne, Friar and Priest, and Companions, Martyrs (M)

13           Bl. James of Varazze, Friar and Bishop

17     Bl. Ceslaus of Poland, Friar and Priest (OM)

22     [St. Mary Magdalen (M)]

24           Bl. Jane of Orvieto, Lay Dominican and Virgin

Bl. Augustine of Biella, Friar and Priest




2       Bl. Jane of Aza, Mother of St. Dominic and Bl. Mannes (OM)

3             Bl. Augustine Kazotic, Friar and Bishop

8       Our Holy Father Dominic, Priest (S)

9             Bl. John of Salerno, Friar and Priest

14           Bl. Aimo Taparelli, Friar and Priest

15     [Assumption (S)]

17     St. Hyacinth of Poland, Friar and Priest (M)

18     Bl. Mannes, Friar, Priest and Brother of St. Dominic (OM)

19           Bl. Jordan of Pisa, Friar and Priest

23     St. Rose of Lima, Lay Dominican and Virgin (M)

26           Bl. James of Bevagna, Friar and Priest

28     St. Augustine, Bishop and Doctor of the Church (F)





2             Bl. Guala of Bergamo, Friar and Bishop

4             Bl. Catherine Racconigi, Lay Dominican and Virgin

5       Anniversary of Deceased Friends and Benefactors

6    Bl. Bertrand of Garrigue, Friar and Priest

18     St. Juan Macias, Friar and Religious (M)

20           Bl. Mark of Modena, Friar and Priest

Bl. Francis Posadas, Friar and Priest

24           Bl. Dalmatius Moner, Friar and Priest

28           Bl. Lawrence of Ripafratta, Friar and Priest




3             Bl. Dominic Spadafora, Friar and Priest

4       Our Holy Father Francis of Assisi, Deacon (F)

5       Bl. Raymond of Capua, Friar, Priest and Master of the Order (OM)

6             Bl. Bartolo Longo, Lay Dominican

7       Our Lady of the Rosary (F)

8             Bl. Ambrose Sansedoni, Friar and Priest

9       St. Louis Bertrand, Friar and Priest (M)

11           Bl. James of Ulm, Friar and Religious

13           Bl. Magdalen Pannatieri, Lay Dominican and Virgin

21           Bl. Peter of Citta di Castello, Friar and Priest

22     The Anniversary of the Dedication of the Church (S)

25           Bl. Peter of Geremia, Friar and Priest

26           Bl. Damian of Finale, Friar and Priest

27           Bl. Bartholomew of Vicenza, Friar and Bishop

30           Bl. Benvenuta Bojani, Lay Dominican and Virgin



3       St. Martin de Porres, Friar and Religious (F)

5             Bl. Simon Ballachi, Friar and Religious

6             Bl. Ignatius Delgado, Friar and Bishop, Bl. Francis de Capillas and Alphonsus Navarrete, Friars and Priests, and Companions, Martyrs in the Orient (M)

7       All Saints of the Order of Preachers (F)

8       Anniversary of Deceased Brothers and Sisters

14           Bl. John Liccio, Friar and Priest

15     St. Albert the Great, Friar, Bishop and Doctor of the Church (F)

19           Bl. James Benefatti, Friar and Bishop

24           Bl. Margaret of Savoy, Nun and Widow




1             Bl. John of Vercelli, Friar, Priest and Master of the Order

16           Bl. Sebastian Maggi, Friar and Priest

22     [Anniversary of the Approval of the Order]

25     [Christmas (S)]