The community of a Dominican priory in the choir stalls of the chapel for the solemn chanting of the Divine Office.
One of the oldest traditions in the Order tells how the Blessed Virgin appeared to St. Dominic and told him to preach her Rosary.

The Signs of a Vocation

for his particular talents. He may be called on to preach, to do missionary work at home or in foreign countries; he may be sent to teach in high schools, colleges, or seminaries, or be assigned to parish work; or he may work as retreat master, writer or lecturer.

Other differences arise from the way of life which the order priest chooses. His life is determined by special obligations arising from his vows and the rules of his order.

Well, what about you? You probably wonder how the seed of a vocation takes root in a young man I s soul. How will you know that God is calling you? There are three signs: a right intention, mental and moral aptitude, and good health. You must have the intention of serving God faithfully in all things and of working

zealously for the salvation of souls.You must have the mental ability, the moral strength inherent in a virtuous life, and the physical stamina required to live and labor as a Dominican priest.

Do you think you have these qualifications? Maybe you haven't thought about it much. Maybe you aren't sure just yet. There are two helpful hints to keep in mind during these days of the great beginning. First, don't expect some unusual sign to hurry you in making your decision. The indications outlined above are all that you need now. Second, talk it over with your confessorlisten to his advice. And don't forget prayer. Go to Confession and Communion as often as you can. Ask Our Lord to show you the way. Be faithful, be confident - He will never let you down!

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