Joseph Kenny, O.P.



by Bishop Ayo-­Maria Atoyebi, O.P.


   1. Jesus -Saviour

  2. Son of Adam
  3. The Second Adam
  4. Son of Eve
  5. Son of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
  6. Bright Morning Star
  7. Lion of Judah
  8. Son of David
  9. Root/Shoot of Jesse
10. Holder of David's key
11. Son of Mary the Virgin
12. Foster Son of Joseph
13. Jesus of Nazareth

14. The Prophet
15. Emmanuel
16. Wondrous Counsellor
17. Mighty God
18. Eternal Father
19. Prince of Peace
20. The Lord our Justice
21. Good Shepherd
22. The Messiah -- Christ
23. King of Israel
24.   King of the Jews
25. Servant of God
26. Pierced One
27. Man of sorrows
28. Son of Man

29. Holy One from God
30. Just One
31. Good One
32. Greater than Jonah
33. Greater than Solomon
34. Greater than the Temple
35. Lord of the Sabbath
36. I Am
37. Wisdom of God
38. Power of God
39. Word of God
40. Lord of glory
41. Brightness of God's glory
42. Exact image of God's own being
43. Image of the unseen God
44. Son of the Most High God
45. Only Son
46. Dear Son
47. God himself

48. Bright Dawn of Salvation
49. Lamb of God
50. The Crucified Christ
51. Sin Offering
52. Our Justification
53. Our Sanctification
54. Our Redemption
55. Our Freedom
56. Our Peace
57. Our Reconciliation
58. Our Pride and Boast
59. Our Leader
60. Messenger
61. High Priest
62. Mediator
63. Intercessor
64. Advocate
65. Saviour of the World

66. True and Faithful Witness
67. Doctor
68. Preacher of the Good News
69. The Good News that is preached
70. Teacher -- Rabbi
71. Gentle and Humble of Heart
72. Light of the world
73. The Gate
74. The Way
75. The Truth
76. The Life
77. The Living One
78. The Resurrection
79. Bread of Life
80. The True Vine
81. The Head
82. Stone rejected by the builders
83. Cornerstone
84. Foundation
85. Our Hope
86. The One who Loves us

87. Victor
88. Lifted up
89. Bridegroom
90. Temple
91. Lamp
92. The Firstborn Son
93. Firstfruit of those who, a fallen asleep
94. Judge of the living and dead
95. The Alpha and the Omega
96. The First and the Last
97. The Beginning and the End
98. King of kings
99. Lord of lords
100. Ruler of the kings of earth
101. Lord


Jesus is the sweetest name I know.
He's always just the same:
Oh praise his holy name.
That is the reason why I love him so.
Jesus is the sweetest name I know.

This popular chorus has the cultural and theological insight that a name is not just an arbitrary artificial tag to distinguish one person from another. It also reveals his or her cultural, ontological and religious heritage. In most cases names have a mysterious identity with their bearers. This is more so in the case of Jesus whose names tell us of his mysterious origin, his divinity, the kind of person he is, the kind of power his name commands, the efficacy attached to authentic reverence of his name and the happiness that invocation of his name can effect.

There is no doubt about the sweetness of the name of Jesus. That is because it spells our salvation, since no one can be saved except by his name (cf. Acts 4:12). That justifies the confidence, worship and love which the above chorus expresses.

Fr. Joseph Kenny O.P. has identified one hundred and one names or titles of Jesus in the Old and the New Testaments. He has added to each name an orthodox theological reflection in the form of a brief prayer, coming from his contemplation of the invaluable treasures in each name.

I highly recommend this book. Prayerful meditation on Jesus' names will deepen your prayer life and help you in moments of spiritual aridity or dryness when prayer becomes insipid. Take it and leisurely call on each name and pray the prayer attached to it as many times as you want. The Holy Spirit will make you touch the heart of Jesus, so that in touching the world created by the name of Jesus you will be personally transformed.

In using Jesus' names for prayer, you will be convinced that in him "all treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden, " and that the names are the keys to open these most precious treasures. Become mighty in prayer by using Jesus' names to reap the infinite treasures of God's loving harvest.

+ Ayo-Maria Atoyebi, O.P.


There are many ways of knowing Jesus. We are introduced to him in catechism; we learn more about him in the New Testament; we meditate on him in the rosary; we commune with him in the Eucharist; we see him in action in our lives. Our whole lifetime is getting to know him more and more as a familiar friend.

Jesus has often been misunderstood. Some heresies emphasised his divinity to the detriment of his humanity; others emphasised his humanity to the detriment of his divinity. So many books of Christology have been written to clear away the errors and propound the truth about Jesus.

This is a book of Christology, but does not follow a purely academic method. It is in the form of prayers summarizing the passages of the Bible where Jesus is named by his various titles.

A name tells you what a thing is. Jesus has many names, because in him "all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden" (Col 2:3), and human language is too weak to express all this by one or a few names.

"Who do you say I am?" (Mt 16:15). That is the all-important question which determines whether we are fervent Christians or would be ready for some advantage to cross over to Islam (which also honours him as a holy Prophet) or some other religion or ideology.

The names given to Jesus in the New Testament and the prophecies of the Old Testament express our Christian faith in who Jesus is. They are for us to treasure and ponder in our hearts (Lk 2:19).

We can also invite Muslims to ponder on them, since they are used to meditating on 99 names of God taken from the Qur'ân, using a rosary of 99 beads. Besides this, they chant 201 names in praise of Muhammad. Christian tradition has never tried to enumerate all the names of God, although St. Thomas Aquinas has a commentary on the work of pseudo-­Dionysius on the Divine Names, where he discusses some 37 names of God.

May these names of Jesus help us understand and love him more.


1. Jesus - Saviour
       and Helper from God,
       named by the angel Gabriel
       before you were conceived:
       -- Save your people from their sins, we pray.
       R. "Lord, have mercy."
(Saviour: Lk 1:31; 2:11,39; Jn 4:42; Acts 5:31; 13:23; Phil 3:20; Eph 5:13; 2 Tm 1:10; Tit L4; 2:13; 3:16; 2 Pt 1: 1, 11; 2:20; 31,18; 1 Jn 4:14. Salvation: Mt 1:21; Lk 2:30; 19: 10; Jn 3:17; 4:42; 10: 9; 12:47; Acts 4:11-12; 15: 11; 16:3 1; Rm 1:16; 5: 9-10; 10: 9; 1 Cor 1:18,21; 1 Tm 1:15; 2 Tm 2:10; Heb 2:10; 5:9; 7:25; 9:28)


2. Son of Adam
       You took you human origin from the first man,
       who sinned and brought death to the world.
       You are

3. The Second Adam,
       who in obedience died
       and rose to give life to the world.
       -- Make us new men who live by your Spirit, we pray.
(Son of Adam: Lk 3:38. Second Adam: I Cor 15:20-22,45-49; Rm 5:15-21; Phil 2:8)

4. Son of Eve,
       and promised enemy of the deceiving Serpent:
       You crushed the head of the prince of this world.
       -- Keep us safe from the Evil One, we pray.
(Gen 3:15; Jn 12:3 1; 14:30; 16:11; 17:15)

5. Son of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
       and their promised heir:
       In you all the nations of the earth find blessing.
       -- May all men belong to you
       and inherit all that was promised to Abraham, we pray.
(Gen 12:3,7; 26:4; 28:14; Mt 1:1; Acts 3:25; Gal 3:7-9,16,29)

6. Bright Morning Star:
       Balaam from afar saw you rise
       from the family of Jacob-Israel,
       holding the staff of kingship
       to defeat the enemies of your people.
       When you rose form the dead,
       your light defeated sin and death.
       Shine before us against the deceit of the Evil One, we pray.
(Num 24:17; 2 Pt 1: 19; Rev 2:28; 22:16)

7. Lion of Judah:
       Jacob prophesied you would come in Judah's line
       to take his staff of kingship
       and rule over nations far and wide.
       You won the victory over Satan and the world
       and made us your holy people.
       -- Defend us from evil and corruption, we pray.
(Gen 49:9-10; Mt 1:2; Rev 5:5)

8. Son of David:
       Like a tree, the line of David continues alive in you,
       because you are the living
       Root of David and Shoot of David.
       In you, as Nathan prophesied,
       David's throne stands firm forever.
       You are also the

9. Root of Jesse / Shoot from the stump of Jesse:
       When the descendants of David, son of Jesse, ruled no more,
       because wars cut down their kingship like a tree,
       you sprouted up from the sawed off stump
       to rule with wisdom and understanding, counsel and strength,
       knowledge and fear of the Lord.
       -- Make justice prevail among us, we pray.
(Son of David: 2 Sam 7:16; Mt 1: 1; 9:27; 12:23; 15:22; 20:30-31; 21:9,15; 22:42; Rm 1: 3; 2 Tm 2:8. Shoot for David: Jer 23:5; 33:15. Root of David: Rev 5:5; 22:16. Root of Jesse: Is 11: 10; Rm 15:12. Shoot from the stump of Jesse: Is 11: 1-5. Shoot: Is 4:2; Ez 17:22-24, Zech 3:8; 6:12)

10. Holder of David's key:
       You open so that none can close;
       you close so that none can open.
       -- Open the way for us to spread your good news,
       and open the gate for us to enter the heavenly Jerusalem, we pray.
(Is 22:22; Rev 3:7)

11. Son of Mary the Virgin,
       conceived without a human father
       through the power of the Holy Spirit,
       God the Most High:
       You loved your Mother, the most happy of women,
       who shared your heart's sufferings and joys.
       -- Let her stay close to us as she did to John, we pray.
(Is 7:14; Lk 1:26-38; Mk 6:3; In 19:26-27)

12. Foster Son of Joseph:
       He saved your life as a child,
       and later taught you carpentry.
       As your guardian, whose son you were thought to be,
       and as husband of your Mother,
       he showed you the example of a just life.
       -- Protect out families and model them after your own, we pray
(Mt 1:16,18-25; 2:13-15,19-23; Lk 1:27; 3:23; 4:22; In 1:45; 6:42)

13.   Jesus of Nazareth, the Galilean,
       born in Bethlehem,
       the city of David,
       but raised in Nazareth,
       a town in Galilee of the nations:
       Even though your townsmen rejected you,
       your followers were called Nazarenes after your.
       -- May everyone see in us the goodness which you learned in Nazareth, we pray.
(Mt 2:23; 4:15; 13:53-58; Jn 1:45-56; 7:41-42; Acts 22:8; 24:5. Galilean: Mt 26:69; Lk 23:6)


14.   The Prophet
       who came into the world:
       Moses foretold you would come
       from the midst of his own people
       to tell them all that God commands.
       -- Speak to our hearts,
       that we may understand your good news, we pray.
(Dt 18:15-19; Lk 4:24; In 6:14; 7:40; Acts 3:22; 7:37)

15.   Emmanuel,
       the Virgin's Son:
       in you God is with us.
       -- Keep us always in union with you
       and safe from all evil, we pray.
(Is 7:14; 8:8, 10; Ps 46:7,11; Mt 1:23)

16.   Wondrous Counsellor,
       wiser even than Solomon:
       -- Guide us to choose what is best, we pray.
(Is 9:5; Mt 12:42)

17.   Mighty God,
       stronger than David
       and David's Lord:
       -- Rule over us
       and put our enemies under your feet, we pray.
(Is 9:5; Ps I 10; Mt 22:41-45; 1 Cor 15:24-28)

18.   Eternal Father,
       the chief of your people forever:
       -- Care for us always, we pray.
(Is 9:5)

19.   Prince of Peace:
       The peace that you bring
       no one can take from us.
       -- Establish us in peace,
       and remove hatred and wars, we pray.
(Is 9:5; 2:4; 11:6-9; Zech 9:9-10; Ps 72:7; Lk 1:79; 2:14; Jn 14:27; 16:33; Eph 2:14-17)

20. The Lord our Justice:
       With you watching over us
       we are safe and secure
       from rulers who mislead and plunder us.
       -- Release us from every evil that captivates us,
       and bring our whole heart and soul back to you, we pray.
(Jer 23:1-8)

21.   Good Shepherd:
       You laid down your life
       to give your sheep life,
       life in all its fullness.
       -- Call those who have gone astray;
       let us all listen to your voice and follow you as one flock, we pray.
(Mic 5:1-3; Ez 34:23-24; Zech 13:7; Jn 10: 1-18,26-28; Heb 13:20; 1 Pt 5:4; Mt 26:31; 18:12-­14 = Lk 15:3-7)

22.   The Messiah - Christ,
       anointed as the saving

23.   King of Israel and
24.   King of the Jews,
       as well as king of all nations:
       Your kingdom does not belong to this world,
       but is the rule of God over men's hearts and minds.
       -- Rescue our society from chaos,
       and rule over everything we do, we pray.
(2 Sam 7:12-16; Ps 2, 89, 110, 132; Dan 7:13-14. Messiah: Mk 8:29; 14:61-62; Jn 1:41, 4:25; Acts 2:36; 3:18; 4:27; 17:3. King of Israel: Mt 27:42; Mk 15:32; Jn 1:49; 12:13-15 = Zech 9:9; Jn 18:33-39; 19:3,12-15,19-21. King of the Jews: Mt 2:2; 27:11,29,37; Mk 15:2,9,12,18,26; Lk 23:2-3,37-38)

25.   Servant of God,
       with whom God was well pleased:
       You were condemned with the wicked
       and suffered much to heal us.
       -- By your risen glory help us in our weakness
       and free us from chains of evil on our minds and bodies, we pray.
(Is 42:1-7; 49:1-7; 50:4-11; 52:13- 53:12; Ps 22; Mk 10:45; Mt 8:16-17; 12:15-21; Lk 9:22,44; 18:31-34; 22:37; 24:26,45-46; Acts 3:13,26; 4:27-30)

26.   Pierced One:
       Your side was opened by the soldier's lance
       to become a fountain of water and blood
       for all to wash in and drink from.
       -- Let us mourn over our sins
       as we look at what they did to you,
and not have to mourn when you come again to judge all men, we pray.
(Zech 11:10; 13:1-. Jn 19:34,37; 7:37-38; Mt 24:30; Rev 1:7)

27.   Man of sorrows,
       despised and lowest of men,
       familiar with suffering,
       yet bearing our suffering and sorrows,
       crushed because of our guilt,
       -- bring us back and heal us;
       let us thankfully imitate your silent endurance.
(Is 53:5; cf. 42:1-9, 49:1-7, 50:4-11; 52:13- 53:12)

28.   Son of Man:
       Truly as a man you came among us,
       to seek and save the lost.
       You suffered rejection and death,
       then rose to take your place with your Father.
       -- When you come again with the clouds of heaven,
       may You find us ready to receive you, we pray.
(Living among us. Mk 2:10,28; 13:37; Lk 7:34; 9:56; ll:30; 12:10; 19:9; 22:48. Suffering: Mk 8:31; 9:31; 10:33; 9:9; 10:45; 14:21. Coming in glory: Dn 7:13-14; Mk 8:38; 13:26; 14:62; Mt 10:23; 13:41; 19:28; 24:39; 25:31; Lk 12:40; 17:22-30; 18:8; 21:36; Am 7:56)


29.   Holy One from God:
       By your conception God's holiness came to live among us,
       driving out demons
       and giving the words of eternal life.
       Therefore death could not hold you in the grave.
       -- Preserve us from every stain of corruption, we pray.
(Lk 1:35; 4:34; Jn 6:69; Acts 2:27; 3:14; 4:27; Rev 3:7)

30. Just One:
       Although you did no wrong,
       you died for us evil men
       and now intercede for us with your Father.
       -- May his justice, which is mercy,
       make us just in your image, we pray.
(Is 53:11; Acts 3:14; 7:52; 22:14; 1 Jn 2: 1; 1 Pt 3:18)

31.   Good One,
       in whom the kindness and love of God appeared:
       You are our good shepherd and teacher,
       and do all things well.
       -- Let us share your goodness
       and the perfection of God our Father, we pray.
(Mk 10:17-18 = Mt 19:16-17 = Lk 18:18-19; Mk 7:37; Jn 10:11; Acts 10:38; Eph3:7; Tit 3:4)

32.   Greater than Jonah,
       who spent three days and three nights
       in the belly of the big fish,
       and then preached to the people of Nineveh:
       You spent Friday to Sunday in the depths of the earth,
       and rose to tell the good news of life without despair.
       -- Increase our faith, for you have the words of eternal life, we pray.
(Mt 12:39-41. Jonah 2:1;3)

33.   Greater than Solomon,
       whose wisdom drew admirers from far away:
       -- Lead us to know you more
       and prefer your wisdom above all other knowledge, we pray.
(Mt 12:6)

34.   Greater than the Temple,
       because in your body you housed the Spirit
       and the full glory of God:
       -- Let us respect your body and blood
       in the sacrament you left us,
       and so enjoy the liturgy you perform within us, we pray.
(Mt 12:6)

35.   Lord of the Sabbath:
       You cancelled prohibitions
       which distorted the order of love,
       and you did your Father's work on the Sabbath
       by healing men's illnesses,
       so that they could worship God
       with freedom, joy and thanksgiving.
       -- Forgive our sins
       and free us from all evil,
       that we may always praise God with peace and joy, we pray.
(Mt 12:8 = Mk 2:28 = Lk 6:5; Mt 12:1-12; Jn 5:17)

36.   I Am,
       the eternal,
       through whom all things were made:
       Before Abraham was born,
       you are, you were, and you are to come.
       -- Bring us with you to the Father's glory,
       where you have gone, we pray,
(Jn 8:24,28,58; 13:19. Ex 3:14; Rev 1:4 etc.)

37.   Wisdom of God,
       hidden in God before the world was made:
       You came forth from the mouth of the Most High
       as a child who learned from his parents.
       Yet you opened to us all the hidden treasures
       of God's wisdom and knowledge.
       -- Give us your Spirit
       to understand God's secret wisdom,
       which worldly wisdom cannot know, we pray.
(1 Cor 1:24,30. Prov 8:22; Wis 7:25-26 Sir 24:3; Lk 2:40,52; 11:31; Mt 13:54; 1 Cor 2:7-8; 1 Eph 3:10; Col 2:2-3; Rm 16:27)

38.   Power of God,
       shown in human weakness
       and your death on the cross:
       You put powerful men to shame
       by letting weak men overcome every evil.
       -- Give us the strength
       to be master of every situation, we pray.
(1 Cor 1:24. 1 Cor 1:18; Rm 1:16; 2 Cor 4:7-11; 12:9-10; Phil 4:13)

39. Word of God:
       You are the expression of God's power and wisdom
       by which he created the universe.
       The universe may change and pass away,
       but you, who became man and lived among us,
       are the same yesterday, today and forever.
       -- Let us receive you as God's children
       and share ever more the blessings of his everlasting love, we pray.
(Rev 19:13. Is 55:11; 40:8; Ps 33:6; Sir 42:15; Wis 18:14-16; Jn 1:1-4,10,14; 1 Jn 1:1; Mt 24:35; Heb 13:8)

40.   Lord of glory:
       In you is the glory of God,
       which no man ever saw or heard
       or could ever imagine.
       -- Give us love for God,
       that we may receive the glory he has prepared for us, we pray.
(1 Cor 2:8)

41.   Brightness of God's glory and
42.   Exact image of God's own being:
       You sustain the universe with your powerful word.
       -- Let the wisdom of your good news
       shine in our hearts, we pray.
(Heb 1:3. See also references for the following.)

43.   Image of the unseen God,
       and spotless mirror of his power:
       -- Transform us into your own image,
       that we may reflect ever more brightly the goodness of God, we pray.
(Col 1:15. Ex 24:16; Wis 7:25-26; Rm 8:29; 1 Cor 15:49; 2 Cor 3.18; 4:4,6; Col 3:10; Heb 1:3)

44.   Son of the Most High God, his
45.   Only Son and
46.   Dear Son,
       born of the Father before time began:
       You took a human nature and were born of Mary,
       the only man who also had the very nature of God.
       You came to make us sons of God,
       reborn through your death and rising.
       -- Keep us one with you in love,
       until you come again with your kingdom, we pray.
(Son of the Most High: Mk 5:7; Lk 1:32; 8:28. Son of God: 2 Sam 7:14; Ps 2:7; 89:26; Mt 2:5; 3:17; 4:3,6; 8:29; 14:33; 16:16,28; 17;5; 21:37-39; 22:2,42-45; 26:63; 27:40,43,54; Mk 1:1; 3:11; 5:7; 9:7; 12:6,35; 14:61; Lk 1:35; 3:22; 9:35; 20:13; 22:70; In 1:18,34,49; 3:16-18,35-36; 5:19-27; 8:35-36; 10:36,40; 11:4,27;. 14: 11; 17: 1; 19:7; 20:31; Acts 8:37, 9:20; 13:33; Rm 1:3-4,9; 5:10; 8:3,29,32; 1 Cor 1-.9; 15:28; 2 Cor 1:19; Gal 1:16; 2:20; 4:4,6; Eph 4:13, Col 1:13; 1 Thes 1:10; Heb 1:2,5,8; 3:6; 4:14; 5:5,8; 6:6; 7:3,28; 10-29; 2 Pt 1: 17; 1 In 1: 3,7; 2:22-24; 3:8,23; 4:9-10,14-15; 5:5,9-13,18,20; 2 In 3,9; Rev 2:18. Only Son: Jn 1: 14,18; 3:16,18; Heb 11:17; 1 Jn 4:9. Dear Son: Mt 3:17 = Mk 1: 11 = Lk 3:22; Mt 12:18; 17:5 = Mk 9:7 = Lk 9:35; 2Pt 1:17; Lk 20:13; Jn 3:35; 10:17; 15:9; 17:24; Eph 1:6; Col 1:13)

47.   God himself:
       Mary gave birth to you
       with the fullness of your divine nature
       living in your human body.
       -- True God and true man,
       the Saviour who were buried and rose,
       give us full life in union with you, we pray.
(Phil 2:6; Col 1:15; 2:9; Tit 2:13; Heb 1:8; 1 Jn 5:20)


48.   Dawn of Salvation:
       -- Rise on us,
       and shine from heaven
       on all those who live in the dark shadow of death,
       and guide our steps into the path of peace, we pray.
(Lk 1:78. Mal 3:20; Is 41:2; 9:1; 42:7; Jn 8:12; 2 Pt 1:19)

49.   Lamb of God:
       You were willingly slain
       as our Passover sacrifice
       to take away the sin of the world.
       Now all the faithful,
       both on earth and in heaven,
       worship you.
       -- Defend us from your enemies,
       and let us follow you wherever you go, we pray.
(Is 52:7; 53:11-12; Jn 1:29,36; 10:17; Acts 8:32; 1 Cor 5:7; 1 Pt 1:19; Rev 5:6,8,12-13; 6:1,16; 7:9-10,14,17; 12:11; 13:8,11; 14:1,4,10; 15:34; 17:14; 19:7,9; 21:9,14,22-23,27; 22:1,3)

50.   The Crucified Christ:
       By means of your cross
       the world is dead to us,
       and we are dead to the world.
       In this human weakness
       you make of us new creatures,
       filled with the power of God's Spirit.
       -- Let us boast of nothing but your cross, we pray.
(1 Cor 21; Gal 3:1; 6:14)

51.   Sin Offering:
       innocent victim, on your body
       you carried our sins and debts to the cross,
       and by a single offering
       removed the curse against mankind.
       -- Unite us to you by faith,
       so that sin may not remain in us, we pray.
(Is 53:5-10; Rm 3:25; 8:3; 2 Cor 5:21; Gal 3:13 = Dt 21:23; Eph 51; Col 2:14; Heb 9:23­.18; 1 Jn 22; 3:5; 4:10; 1 Pt 2:24)

52.   Our Justification:
       By shedding your blood on the cross
       and rising from the dead,
       you put us right with God,
       making us just as God is just.
       -- Produce in us a rich harvest of goodness
       for the glory and praise of God, we pray.
(1Cor 1:30. Acts 13:39; Rm 1:17; 3:22-26; 4:25; 5:9,18; 10:4; 1 Cor 1:3; 6:11; 2 Cor 5:21; 2:16-17; Phil 1:11)

53.   Our Sanctification:
       By your blood and the water of baptism
       you washed us clean from every sin,
       to make us members of your glorious Church,
       pure and faultless, without spot or wrinkle
       or any other imperfection.
       -- Keep us pure,
       that we may always belong to you, we pray.
(1 Cor 1:30. In 17:17-19; 1 Cor 1:2; 6:11; Eph 1:4; 2:21; 5:26-27; Col 2:22; Tit 2:14; Heb 1:3; 2:11; 9:13-14; 10:10.14,29; 13:12; 1 Jn 1:7)

54.   Our Redemption and
55.   Our Freedom:
       Long awaited deliverer,
       you gave up your life
       to destroy the devil's works
       and free countless people
       from sin and mad living.
       -- Free us from every bond
       that hinders our service of you;
       may our love be perfect
       when you come again
       to set our whole being free from decay, we pray.
(Redemption: 1 Cor 1:30. Is 40:2; 52:9; Ps 19:15; 78:35; Mt 20:28; Lk 1:68; 2:38; 21:28; 24:20; Rm 3:24; 8:23; Eph 1:7,14; 4:30; Col 1:14; Tit 2:14; 1 Pt 1:18; Heb 9:12,15; 11:35. Freedom: Mt 17:26; Jn 8:36; Rm 6:18; 8:19-23; Gal 5:1,13)

56.  Our Peace and
57.   Our Reconciliation:
       By shedding your blood on the cross
       you reconciled men with God
       and men with one another.
       -- May the peace you left us
       stay with us always,
       that through our service
       you may make others God's friends also, we pray.
(Peace: Eph 2:14. Jn 14:27; 16:33; Acts 10:36; Rm 5:1; Col 1:20; 3:15; Rev 1:4. Reconciliation: Rm 5:11; 2 Cor 5:18-20; Eph 2:16; Col 1:20-22)

58.   Our Pride and Boast:
        What we do is worth nothing
       if you do not work in us.
       In trouble, weakness and the cross
       you give us boldness in serving you,
       and by wondrous signs and power of the Spirit
       you let us share with many others
       the gift of knowing and loving God.
       -- Give us distrust in ourselves
       and greater confidence in you,
       that we may have much to be proud of
       when you come in judgement, we pray.
(Rm 15:17; Phil 3:3. Rm 5:2-3,11; 1 Cor 1: 31 2 Cor 10: 17; 11: 30 12:9; Rm 4:2 Eph 2:9; Gal 6:14; Phil 1:26; 2:16)

59.   Our Leader,
       who bravely took e cross
       and died in disgrace
       to bring us life:
       God raised you up
       and placed you at his right side,
       to give everyone a chance
       to repent of his sins and follow you.
       -- Give us endurance under trials,
       that we may be made worthy of your promises, we pray.
(Acts 3:15; 5:31; Heb 2:10; 12:2)

60.   Messenger,
       sent to the world by God
       with the testimonial of miracles
       to speak his final words
       with the fullness of his Spirit
       which belongs to you as his Son.
       the one to save the world:
       -- Let us pay attention to you
       and do all you tell us, we pray.
(Heb 3:1. Mt 21:37; Mk 9:37; 12:6; Lk 20:13; Jn 3:17,34; 4:34; 5:23-24,30,36-37; 6:29,38­39,44,57; 7:16,18,28-29,33; 8:16,18,26,29,42; 9:4; 10:36; 11:42, 12:44-45,49; 13:20; 14:24,26; 15:21,26; 16:5; 17:3,8,18,21,23,25; 20:21; Acts 3:26; Rm 8:3; Gal 4:4; Heb 1:2; 1 Jn 4:9,14)

61.   High Priest,
       a man like us in all things but sin:
       God chose you
       to represent us before him,
       offering your own body
       as a sacrifice to take away our sins.
       -- Keep us free from sin,
       and make our faith strong and brave, we pray.
(Heb 2:17; 3:1; 4:14-15; 5:5,10; 6:20; 7:26; 8:1; 9:11, 10:10,21)

62.   Mediator:
       You arranged a new covenant
       between God and men,
       to cancel former sins
       and deliver the eternal blessings
       that God has promised.
       -- Give us a pure and sincere heart
       and a sure faith,
       that we may follow you
       into the sanctuary of God's presence
       without turning back, we pray.
(1 Tm 2:5; Heb 8:6; 9:15; 12:24. 10:19-22; Gal 3:19-20)

63.   Intercessor and
64.   Advocate:
       God, who chose us and sent you
       to be an offering to take away our guilt,
       continues to hear your pleading for us.
       -- May sin never claim us again,
       and in every adversity may we grow in your love, we pray.
(Intercessor: Rm 8:34; Heb 7:25; 9:24. Advocate: 1 Jn 2:1)

65.   Saviour of the world:
       God wants all men to be saved
       and to come to know the truth.
       Therefore he sent you into the world
       not to condemn it, but to save it,
       bringing together into one body
       all the scattered children of God.
       -- Have pity on the millions of worried and helpless people
       who are like sheep without a shepherd,
       and use us as you like, to help them, we pray.
(Jn 4:42; 1 Jn 4:14. Jn 1:9-10,29; 3:16-17; 6:33; 11:52; 12:47; Rm 5:12-19; 2 Cor 5:19; 1 2:4; Mt 9:36-38)


66.   True and Faithful Witness,
       who came into the world for one purpose,
       to proclaim the truth:
       You declare God's will for men
       without worrying about what people think,
       because you pay no attention to a man's status.
       In you God says "yes" and not "no",
       and fulfils all he promised.
       -- Let us never doubt your teaching
       or your love and determination to keep us yours, we pray.
(Rev l:5; 3:7,14; 19:11.Mt 22:16 = Mk 12:14; Jn7:18; 8:14,45-46; 18:37; 2Cor 1:19-20)

67.   Doctor,
       who came to help the sick:
       You bring your healing love and power everywhere,
       so that the blind can see,
       the lame can walk,
       the lepers are made clean,
       and the dead are raised to life.
       Above all, you bring the Good News,
       driving out every evil spirit.
       -- Let us have no doubts about you,
       that your power may work in us freely, we pray.
(Mt 9:12; Lk 4:23. Lk 7:21-23; Mk 5:25-34; 6:5; Acts 10:38)

68.   Preacher of the Good News and
69.   The Good News that is preached,
       sent by the Spirit of the Lord
       to the poor, the captives,
       the blind and oppressed.
­        You went everywhere,
       doing good and healing all.
­        -- send preachers to do the same
       for everyone in the world, we pray.
(Preaching: Mt 4:23; 9:35; Mk 1:14; Lk 4:18. Is 41:1-2 etc. Preached: Acts 8:5; 9:20; 19:13; Rm 16:25-26; 1 Cor 1:23; 15:12; 2 Cor 1:19; 11:4; Gal 2:2; Phil 1:15; Col 1:23; 1 Thes 2:9; 1 Trn 1: It; 3:16)

70.   Teacher - Rabbi,
       our one true teacher,
       who came from God:
       You taught with authority,
       and all marvelled at your teaching.
       But as you washed your disciples feet,
       you taught your disciples to do likewise;
       and as you were cursed with bad names,
       you taught us to expect nothing better.
       -- Let us stay with your teaching and obey it, we pray.
(Mt 7:24,28-29; 10:24-25; 22:16,23; 23:8; 26:25,49; Mk 1:22,27; 9:5; 11:18,21; 12:14; 14:45; Lk 4:32; 6:40; 12:12; 20:21; Jn 1:38; 3:2; 7:16; 8:28; 13:13; 15:20; 20:16; 2 Jn 9)

71.   Gentle and Humble of Heart:
       We come to you to find rest.
       -- Take off the oppressive loads
       which you never meant us to carry,
       and let us serve you by carrying loads which are light,
       because we carry them only for you,
       and your strength is in us, we pray.
(Mt 11:29. Acts 15:10; Gal 5:1)

72.   Light of the world,
       who shown on the dark land of death
       to make us members of your kingdom of light,
       doing the works of light,
       that by your light
       we too may be the light of the world:
       -- Let us make wise use of the daylight that remains
       before the night of death and the dawn of eternity comes,
       when you will be our light forever, we pray.
(Jn 1:4-5,9; 8:12; 93; 12:46. Is 9:1; 42:6; 58:10; Mt 4:16; 5:14; Lk 1:78-79; 2:32; 16:8; Jn 3:19-21; 11:9-10; 12:35-36; Rm 13:12; 2 Cor 4:6; Eph 5:8-14; Col 1:12; 1 Thes 5:3; 1 Pt 2:9; 1 Jn 1: 5-7; 2:8-11; Rev 21:23-24)

73.   The Gate:
       Through you all must enter
       who want to join your flock
       and find life and pasture,
       and to feed your flock as your ministers.
       -- May we do our best to go in
       and lead others in,
       however narrow the gate seems to us,
       before it is closed forever, we pray.
(Jn 10:7,9. Mt 7:14; Lk 11:52; 13:24-27; 1 Pt 5:2; Jn 10:1-2; 21:15-17)

74.   The Way:
       To see you is to see the Father,
       and to follow you is to reach the Father.
       May we follow you through death,
       that the curtain may be opened for us
       to see the Father's glory, we pray.
(Jn 14:6. Mk 15:38; Heb 10:20)

75.   The Truth,
       through whom the Father is revealed
       and our worship of the Father
       is made spiritual and acceptable:
       -- May your truth, which makes us free,
       remain in us and guide our lives, we pray.
(Jn 14:6. Jn 4:23; 8:32; Eph 4:21; 2 Jn 2,4)

76.   The Life,
       in whom we believe and whom we trust:
       We live forever by knowing your Father, the only true God,
       and you, the Word of life, whom he sent.
       -- May your body and blood, which we receive,
       keep us for everlasting life, we pray.
(Jn 14:6. Jn 1:4; 3:15-16,36; 5:21,24-26,40; 6:27-58,63,68; 8:12; 10:10,28; 11:25; 12:50; 171-3; 20:3 1; Acts 3: 15; Rm 5: 17-18; 8:2; 2 Cor 4:10-12; Col 3:4; 1 Tm 1: 16; 2 Tm 1: 1; 1 Jn 1:1-2; 2:25; 4:9; 5:11-13,20; Jude 21; Rev 2:7,10; 3:5; 7:17; 21:6,27)

77.   The Living One,
       who in weakness were put to death,
       but now live forever by the power of God, your Father:
       -- Let us live no longer ourselves,
       but you live in us,
       that for us life may mean having you, we pray.
(Rev 1: 18; 2:8. Lk 24:5; Jn 6:51,57; 14:19; Acts 1: 3; Rm 14:9; 2 Cor 13:4; Gal 2:20; Phi 1:21; Heb 7:25; 1 Pt 2:4)

78.   The Resurrection,
       who passed from death to life
       and gave us a new life in our spirit through baptism:
       You promised to preserve this life forever,
       even in our bodies,
       by raising them on the last day.
       -- Let us live by you and the power of your resurrection;
       let us also share in your sufferings and become like you in your death,
       that we too may be raised from death to life, we pray.
(Jn 11:25. Jn 5:21,28-29; 6:39-40,44,54; Rm 4:25; 6:4-11; 7:4; 8:11; 1 Cor 15:12-57; 2 Cor 4:14; Phil 3: 10-11; 1 Pt 1: 3; 3:21)

79.   Bread of life,
       the real bread from heaven,
       sent by the living Father
       to give eternal life to the world:
       -- Let us eat your body
       and drink your blood worthily,
       that we may always draw life from you
       by living in you and you in us, we pray.
(Jn 6:35,48. Jn 6:22-59; 1 Cor 11:23-31)

80.   The True Vine,
       of which we are the branches:
       You give us life and fruit
       if we remain united to you and you to us.
       Let us never be broken off from you,
       but willingly be pruned by your Father
       from all that is useless or harmful, we pray.
(Jn 15:1,5; Mt 5:29-30; Jn 15:1-17; Heb 12:5-11)

81.   The Head,
       of your body, the Church,
       and of all powers in heaven and on earth
       in this world and in the next:
       You are the source of the Church's life and unity.
       -- As you gave your life for the Church,
       so may we love one another,
       and endure any sufferings
       that will complete what you suffered
       on behalf of your body's health and growth, we pray.
(Eph 1:21-22; 4:15; 5:23; Col 1: 18; 2:10,19. Rm 12:4-8; 1 Cor 6:15; 10: 16-17; 11:3; 12:12-27; Eph 5:25,30; Col 1:24)

82.   Stone rejected by the builders:
       You became the

83.   Cornerstone and 
84.   Foundation
       of the holy temple which is your Church:
       You hold up those who believe,
       but make those who do not believe stumble,
       crushing them to dust.
       -- Let us be built upon you,
       and offer God the fruits of good works
       which you do in us through your Spirit, we pray.
(Ps 118:22; Is 8:14-15; 28:16; Lk 20:17; Acts 4:11; Rm 9:33; Eph 2:20-21; 1 Pt 14-8)

85. Our Hope
       that we will share the glory of God,
       which we do not yet see,
       but is reserved for us in heaven:
       You do no disappoint us,
       because God has already given us the Holy Spirit
       and poured out his love into our hearts.
       -- Give us endurance in troubles,
       that we may grow in hope
       and God may approve us, we pray.
(Col 1:27; 1 Tim 1:1. Rm 5:5; 8:24-25; Col 1:5)

86.   The One who Loves us:
       You gave your life for us
       with a love that cannot be measured
       or ever be fully known.
       -- Let your love rule us,
       so that we may love you in return,
       and nothing may ever separate us from your love, we pray.
(Christ's love for us: Jn 131,34; 14:21,23; 15:9-13; Rm 8:35; 2 Cor 5:14; Eph 3:19; 5:2,25.  Our love for Christ: M 8:42; 14:15,21-24,28; Eph 6:24)


87.   Victor
       over the world
       and its ruler, the Evil One,
       and all that fights in his name
       against you and your followers:
       -- Strengthen us,
       whom you called, chose and trusted,
       to fight with you to victory, we pray.
(Jn 14:30; 16:33; Rev 5:5; 17:14. Our victory: 1 Jn throughout; Rev 2-3; 12:11)

88.   Lifted up
       from this earth
       onto the Cross,
       and then to the right side of God in heaven:
       You have drawn us to yourself already by faith.
       -- Captivate us completely,
       enriching us with your gifts,
       and one day draw us to yourself in glory, we pray.
(Mk 16:19; Lk 9:51; Acts 1:2,11,22; 1 Tm 3:16)

89.   Bridegroom
       of those who follow you
       and make up your Church:
       We are glad to hear your voice
       and feast in your presence among us.
       -- Help us when you are hidden from us,
       and we are sad and go hungry,
       to stay awake with pure hearts,
       saying again and again to you "Come", we pray.
(Mt 9:15 = Mk 2:19-20 = Lk 5:34-35; Mt 22:1 = Lk 14:15; Mt 253-12; Jn 3:29; 2 Cor 11:2; Eph 5:23-32; Rev 21:2,9; 22:17)

90.   Temple and
91.   Lamp
       of the new Jerusalem:
       You are greater than the former temple
       built by men,
       with all its beautiful stonework.
       Your body is the new temple
       which was destroyed,
       but after three days rebuilt by God,
       shining with his glory,
       so that in your city there is no more night
       or need of the sun, moon or lamps.
       -- May your Church, which is also your body
       and the holy temple of God,
       be always kept clean from every profanation, we pray.
(Temple: Rev 21:22. Mt 12:6; 21:12-13; 24:1-2 = Mk 13:1-2 = Lk 21:5-6; Mt 26:61 = Mk 14:58; Mt 27:40 = Mk 15:29 = Jn 2:19-21; 1 Cor 3:16-17; 6:15,19; 2 Cor 6:16; Ep 2:21. Lamp. Rev 21:23. Lk 11:33-36; Rev 22:5)

92.   The Firstborn Son:
       God created the universe through you and for you.
       Therefore you became the first to be born from the dead
       and the one God chose to possess all things at the end.
       -- Let us, your brothers,
       become more and more like you in goodness,
       that we may share your glory, we pray.
(Rm 8:29; Col 1:15,18; Rev 1:5; Heb 1:6. Ps 89:28; Heb 1:2; 12:23)

93.   Firstfruit of those who have fallen asleep:
       Placed dead in the earth as all men,
       you rose as from a planted seed,
       beautiful and strong and immortal.
       -- Let us follow you in due time,
       and be part of your everlasting kingdom, we pray.
(1 Cor 15:20,23. 1 Cor 15:35-38; James 1:18; Rev 14:4)

94.   Judge of the living and the dead:
       The Father gave you full right to judge,
       with knowledge of men's secret thoughts and deeds.
       In this age you give eternal life
       to those who hear your words.
       These will not be condemned
       at the end of this age,
       when you call all men from their graves
       and separate the good from the evil.
       -- On that day raise us up to life,
       and not to condemnation, we pray.
(Acts 10:42; 2 Tm 4: 1; 1 Pt 4:5. Mt 19:28; 25:31-46; Jn 5:21-29; Acts 17:3 1; Rm 2:16; 14:9; 4:5; Rev 1: 18)

95.   The Alpha and the Omega,
96.   The First and the Last,
97.   The Beginning and the End:
       You existed in the beginning
       as the eternal Word with the Father.
       After becoming man,
       you died and came to life again
       and now live forever.
       -- Let us never fear anything,
       because you are always with us, we pray.
(Rev 1:17; 2:8; 22:13. Is 41:4; 44:6; 48:12; Col 1:17-18; 1 Jn 1:1; 13-14; Rev 1:8; 21:6)

98.   King of kings and
99.   Lord of lords,
100. Ruler of the kings of earth:
       God put all things under your feet:
       the world and all its rulers, authorities and powers.
       All who fight against you will go down in blood,
       but all who follow you will be washed clean in your blood.
       -- Overcome all resistance to your rule, we pray.
(Rev 17:14; 19:16; 1:5. Jn 18:36-37; 1 Cor 15:24-28; Heb 2:8-9)

101. Lord,
       who were raised to the right side of God
       to receive this name which is greater than any other name:
       All who call upon you,
       acknowledging that you, Jesus, are Lord,
       will be saved,
       and you will come to them soon.
       -- So be it. Come, Lord Jesus! we pray.
(Acts 2:21 = Joel 3:5; Acts 2:33-36 = Ps 110; Acts 4:10-12; Rm 10:9; 1 Cor 2:8; 8:6; 12:3; 2 Cor 4: 5; Phil 2:9-11; Col 2:6; Rev 22:20)


Many other names could be given to Jesus. To borrow the words of John: "If they were all written down one by one, I suppose that the whole world could not hold the books that would be written" Jn 21:25). "These have been written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that through this faith you may have life in his name" Jn 20:31).