Selected Works of Thomas McGlynn III

St. Francis of Assisi. bronze, 13", 1967.

Initiative for his delightful sculpture, St. Francis
of Assisi, came from William F. Hartnett, owner of the
Lake Point Tower Apartments in Chicago. Hartnett had
expressed interest in a Shrine to St. Francis for the
grounds of the apartment building.

Tom began to dwell on the scope of a possible shrine and
did a series of sketches for it. Nothing ever came of the
commission, but he did model this figure of St. Francis
allegorically directing the chorus of creation performing
his "Canticle of the Creatures."

Julie Billiart, bronze, 8', 1965

Foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, she is
the inspiration for the many Notre Dame Sisters teaching
in the Archdiocese of Boston. Since Julie's life was
dedicated to the teaching of young girls, Tom presented her
in the sculpture as teaching the catechism to a youngster of
nine or ten. The device of seating Julie on a tree trunk
gives her the proper height so that her shoulder corresponds
to the height of the child's head. The background for the
sculpture is a travertine marble slab in the form of a book.
Upon this, in mosaic, is an expression that was dear to Julie:
"Ah! Qu'il est bon le bon Dieu!","Ah!, How good God is!" Her
left hand is raised in a gesture expressing this phrase, and
with her right arm she embraces the young girl who leans against
her. On the back of the sculpture are a serpent and dove. The
serpent symbolizes the scriptural text,"Be ye wise as serpents."
The dove symbolizes the gentleness that one ought to have in
dealing with children. Julie was canonized June 22, 1969.