The new St. Rose Priory in Dubuque, Iowa, where the Province of St. Albert the Great has its House of Theology. It is here that the student brothers begin their last three years before ordination to the priesthood.
Tomorrow's Apostles Study Theology

It is surprising how quickly these three years pass. Before you know it you are making solemn profession, and you are sent to St. Rose Priory, the House of Theology, in Dubuque, Iowa. With your solid foundation in philosophy, the way is prepared for the study of the Sumnw Theologiae. This is the great work of your Dominican brother, St. Thomas Aquinas.

These years that you spend studying the Summa are of the greatest importance. Since the study of theology is concerned with the truths about the very life of God, the student who masters this sacred science prepares the way for his own sanctification as well as for many fruitful years in the holy work of his Order. Dominicans are professional theologians - champions of the faith, guardians of the truth. This was the work of St. Dominic, of St. Thomas. This is your work as a Dominican and as a theologian.

Put don't think all your time is spent at your books. In addition to class work, study time, and the periods of prayer in chapel, again a , certain portion of each day is set apart for recreation. You need this time. During your years of prayer and study you must keep fit. Your body must be kept in good condition so that you will always be able to fulfill your priestly duties in the years ahead.

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