These pages provide a sample of the many services -- 70 websites, 15 email lists, dna serving -- provided to the Dominican family around the world by the province in 2001, five years after going online. Most of these "clients" eventually moved on to manage their own services, but this was a beginning, for all of us.

MAC G4 ACTIVE WEBSITES             Servers Specifications
adrian/       Sisters' Community
"David Blohm"

afrdev/       Afrique-Développement (DNS setup by Peter Hunter)
"Paul-Gabriel Adanou OP"

aljudy/       personal, Al's (obsolete -- now on Linux)

angelicum/       Angelicum Development Office
"Gerard A. Lessard, O.P."

API/       API Music, Anita Smisek Czech Music (DNS managed by InfoRamp)
"Anita Smisek"

aquinas/       Central Province, Aquinas Institute (DNS managed by Mike on ?)
"Ron Knapp"

australis/       Friars, Australia Province

canada/       Canada Province (only one minor website)
Sylvain Campeau

CCLP/       Rural Justice Project for Sinsinawa
Churches' Center for Land and People
Jane McGrain       "CCLP"

cdnop/       "The Women's Collaborative Dominican Novitiate,"
"Mary Brenda"

cdtp/ ?cdtd?       Friars, African meta-site (DNS setup by Peter Hunter)
Marcel Zibognon op

Chautauqua/       Scott's study group (obsolete)

clint/       personal Clint
"Clint Honkomp"

codal/       Sisters of Latin America & Caribbean meta site (DNS setup by Peter Hunter)
"Hermana Joana O'Shanahan" or
"Hna.Joana.O.P. O'Shanahan"

Curia/       Friars, Rome: MG, IDI, Historical Institute
"Mike O'Rourke, O.P."

daviddelich/       personal David Delich
"Fr. David Delich, O.P."

dcc/       Dominican Conference Center
"John Meany" or

dei/       Demkovich's Dominican Ecclesial Institute (Albuquerque)
"Nicholas A. Gustilo"

DISC/       Obsolete online university site

DLC/       Sisters, DLC meta site
"Mary Ellen O'Grady"

DomCentral/       Friars, Central Province (DNS managed by InfoRamp)
"Al Judy OP"

Don/       personal, Goergen, his book on Jesus
"Al Judy OP"

dsi/       Dominican Sisters International, Rome meta site
Margaret Ormond OP & secretary Fiorella
"Dsi International"

eafrica/       Vicariate of East Africa (DNS set up by Peter Hunter)

ebaf/       Ecole biblique home page in French & English (DNS set up by Peter Hunter)
"Jean-Charles Rigot"

eckhart/       The Eckhart Society page (DNS managed by English ISP)
"Tony Rudkin"

ecleary/       personal Ed Cleary ( on Linux server)
"Edward Cleary, O.P."

elkinsparkop/       Sisters' Community, Elkins Park
created...but not yet in use

english/       default files
Scott created and more or less maintains this folder

exchange/       Preachers' Exchange, First Impressions and Spanish reflections
Posted by John J. Boll

farmhill/       Nun's convent Farmington Hills MI
"Sister Catherine Mary"
mostly created and maintained by Albert Judy

Farrell/       Walter Farrell society & Companion to the Summa
"Mike Demkovich OP" as new "director" has shown some interest

fiesole/       San Domenico in Fiesole
At the request of Mike O'Rourke; to be maintained by Vincenzo Caprara (the prior at San Domenico)

houstonop/       Sisters' Community, Houston Dominicans
"Mariana Wood"

ia/       Africa International meta site -- Inter-Africa(ine) OP (DNS set up by Peter Hunter)
"Martin Badenhorst OP"

kwt-toz/       Sisters' Community in South Africa (DNS setup by Peter Hunter)
owner: "Mary McCreath OP"
web designer: "Elizabeth West"

maryqueen/       Nun's convent -- Monastery of Mary the Queen
owner: Sr.. David Marie, O.P.
designer: "Andy"

mexico/       Friars, Mexico Province (DNS setup by Peter Hunter)
"Armando 'Galo' Vega"

mpmm/       personal Michael Porterfield
"Michael Porterfield"

mwinkels/       personal Michael Winkels (now on Linux server)
"Mike Winkels"

nigeriaop/       Friars, Nigeria/Ghana Province
created & maintained by Albert Judy

novices/       Novices...inactive site, perhaps this year
created & maintained by Albert Judy

nunsmenlo/       Nun's convent, Corpus Christi Monastery Menlo Park CA
"Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart"

nunsopsummit/       Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary, Summit N.J.
Web design:

oakford/       Nun's convent (website now on Linux server)
"John Evans, OP"

op/       American Friends of Ecole...old redirects

opitalia/       Italian Dominicans meta site (DNS setup by Peter Hunter)
"Winston Fernandez-Cabading"

oplaity/       Laity, Central Province
Mary Lee Odders
maintained by Albert Judy

opportland/       Portland Priory (free, Western Prov. site)
" Rev. Gerald A. Buckley, O.P."

opteens/       Teen Preaching Workshop follow-up with bulletin board
maintained by Albert Judy

opwest/      Friars, Western Province (DNS maintained by InfoRamp)
Administrator: Jordan Vajda OP
Web designers: "John Evans, OP"

oxford/       Dominican Sisters' Community in Oxford MI
"Gene Poore OP"

parable/       Parable Conference for Dominican Life and Mission
Marilyn Francoeur and Connie Schoen OP

peru/       Friars, Peru (DNS setup by Peter Hunter)
Owner: Linus Dolan OP "Sn Juan Bautista del Peru"
Web designer:

places/       utilities for RA

ravensbread/       Hermit's newsletter
"Paul & Karen Fredtte"
reid/       Personal website, obsolete...contains only a redirect to Nortwestern site
"Reid Perkins-Buzo OP"

roman/       Sisters' Community, Roman Congregation
Contact: "Frances Thibodeau OP"
Web designer:"James P. Patterson"

RWoods/       Personal, Rick Woods
"Richard Woods"

san-nicola/       San Nicola Institute, Bari (DNS setup by Peter Hunter)
"Winston Cabading OP"

scotty/       personal obsolete?

stbenedicts/       St. Ben's Lodge (free, Western Prov. site)
"Brother Daniel Thomas, O.P."

steinkerchner/       personal Scott's new site
"Scott Steinkerchner OP"
steinkerchner/news       Dominican News Service (best viewed via
steinkerchner/ot       Open Theology page

stjude/       Shrine
Originally designed by Reid, maintained by Albert

stlouis/       Central Province Priory
"Michael Porterfield, OP"

vocations/       Central Province Vocation home page (DNS setup by Peter Hunter)
Owner: "Louie Morrone OP"
Designed and maintained by Albert Judy

voices/       Voices that Listen Radio Program with RA files (DNS setup by Peter Hunter)
Owner: "Sr. Maureen Gallagher OP"

volunteers/       Dominican Volunteers (DNS setup by Peter Hunter)
"Corwin S. Low"

zadoms/       Friars, South Africa (DNS setup by Peter Hunter)
Martin Badenhorst OP: "OP Vicariate South Africa"

All mailing lists have been moved to the Mac 9500


MAC95 WEBSITES       Computer Specifications
none...prepared as a backup

MAC95 MAIL SERVICES able to serve from
ADRIAN -- "Adrian Dominicans Listserv"
Australia -- "Assumption Province Listserv"
Sinsinawa Anti Racism Training Team
CRSD -- Roman Congregation "CRSD List"
DAUSA -- "Dominican Associates of USA"
DLC-LST -- "Dominican Leadership Conference"
Federation List
NCNWR -- "NCNWR Listserv"
OPCOMNET -- "Dominican Communicators Net List"
SPDOM -- "Springfield Dominicans List"
STALBERT -- "St. Albert the Great Province List"

Dominican Search Phantom