1486 - 1850

This is a project I have worked on for 25 years and it is still incomplete. I have not had the means to obtain certain documents (listed at the end), and have not been able to decipher certain words in many of the manuscripts. Sometimes the text is not clear and the translation is conjecural. I welcome help from readers who can solve any of these problems.

This volumen is meant to supplement my History of the Catholic Church in Tropical Africa 1445-1850, where one can find the sequence of events laid out with comment.


    • 15-7-1729 SR, v. 4, f. 431, undated report of prefect, visit to Warri, was at Benin.

    • 19-4-1712 The King to the Governor of São Tomé (AHU, São Tomé, codice 489, f. 236v. I have the first page - 236r).
    • 1713 Cipriano da Napoli on mission in Benin & São Tomé, AHU, S. Tomé, caixa 3 (Ryder, cat. n. 611).
    • 9-9-1718, King of Portugal to Prefect (Lisbon: AHU, S. Tomé, caixa 7 ref. JHSN 2:1, p. 18)
    • 1726, AHU, S. Tomé, caixa 4. Conselho Ultramarino on proposal of Capuchin Prefect to give presents to Olu of Warri.
    • c. 1735, AHU, Sõ Tomé, caixa 4. Francisco Maria to Governor of São Tomé (ref. JHSN, 2:1, 21)
    • 15-3-1771, AHU, São Tomé, caixa 7. Governor of São Tomé to King (ref. JHSN 2:1, 22)


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