Letters to My Brothers and Sisters

by Donald J. Goergen, O.P.


Donald J. Goergen, O.P. was provincial of the Province of St. Albert the Great U.S.A., from 1985 - 1994. He is a teacher, lecturer, and theologian. He has published many articles and books, including a series on Christology.

Fr. Goergen writes: "The letters in this volume were originally written to my Dominican brothers in the Province of St. Albert the Great, U.S.A. The Province judged them to have value beyond the Dominican family and asked that they be published in oder to make them more widely available. The letters and addresses included here cover a range of issues pertinent to the future of religious life."

Patricia Walters, O.P. in her Forward writes:

                Table of Contents

1. Preaching                    2.Faith, Politics and Justice       
     August 8, 1985                 November 15, 1985   

3.Mission, Ministry, and        4.Pluralism
    Continuing Formation            April 29, 1986       
    January 28, 1986          

5.Obedience                     6.The Option for Solidarity   
    August 8, 1986                  with the Poor        
                                    November 15, 1986    

7.Contemplation and Prayer      8.Preaching in Solidarity with
    April 29, 1987                  the God of Jesus Christ      
                                    May, 1987

9.Friendship and Brotherhood    10.Solidarity with the Poor   
    January 28, 1988                April 29, 1988      

11.Community Life               12.The Laity
     November 15, 1988               January 28, 1988

13.Evangelization,              14.Salvific Preaching, Mission 
     Contemplation and Justice       and Doing Justice
     January 28, 1990                June, 1990

15.Preaching as Listening       16.The Apostolic Priorities of 
     March 24, 1991                  the Order and Preaching
                                     November 15, 1991

17.The Continuing Nature        18.The Vow of Poverty
     of Formation                    April 29, 1993
     April 19, 1992

19.Dominican Poverty            20.Religious Life and the Gospel
     Article by                      March 19, 1994
     Mary Ellen Butcher, OP

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