October 1996


In a simple ceremony the novices in Denver received the Dominican Habit on October 8th, the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. Novice Brothers receiving the habit were Art Cavitt and Michael Porterfield of the Central Province, and Victor Celio, Peter Huy Le and Juan Torres of the Southern Province. Please pray for our NOVICES as they continue to grow in their understanding of Dominican Religious life.


The Fall Vocation Retreat that was held on October 11-13, 1996 in St. Louis, MO at St. Dominic Priory was a great success. Nine men attended from all parts of the country.

Brothers Scott Steinkerchner, OP (Central Province) and Victor Laroche, OP (Southern Province) were the retreat masters. The retreat began the first evening with introductions. There were two sessions the next day entitled "What is Religious Life?' and "What is Dominican Life?" All those present found the experience beneficial and valuable in helping them know more about Dominican Religious life.

Highlights of the retreat were Scott and Victor's homemade pizza and their beer selection, and the group's visit to Ted Drewes for concretes! If you're curious aboutwhat a concrete is, you're just going to have to go to St. Louis and make a visit and maybe a Dominican will take you for one!

Another special thanks to the community of St. Dominic's Priory for their gracious hospitality which always makes the retreat a success! Also many thanks to the men who attended and to all whose contribution in some way made the retreat a wonderful experience.

The vocation retreat dates for 1997 are February 7-9, and August 8-10. Please call the Vocation Office at (708)771-7254 if interested. Religious life.


Rose was born in Lima in 1585, the eleventh child of Spanish-Indian parents. She is the first saint Canonized of the New World. Around the age of twelve Rose became a Dominiean Tertiary, (a lay Dominican) living at home.

St. Rose practiced great penances, spending long hours in prayer and contemplation. She supported herself by her expert needlework and by raising flowers in the garden which she sold at market. Rose prayed for martyrdom, and longed for the life of a missionary. Both of these things were never to be a part of her life. Yet she prayed incessantly for missionaries.

St. Rose died at the early age of 31 on August 24, 1617. the entire city mourned her death. All classes and races in Lima proclaimed her a saint, because by her works of mercy and prayers she had touched them all. She was a contemporary of St. Martin de Porres and St. Juan Macias.


Contemplation for the Dominican is deep prayer and study of any issue concerning God or the believing Christians. It is a way of prayer that touches the deep recesses of the heart, where God and soul meet. Contemplation fuels the mission, enriches the preaching, and strengthens the relationship of love with God.

Dominican Friars answer the question --
"Why I joined the Order of Preachers?"

Joseph Kilikevice, OP
Professed. August 9, 1955
Director of the SHEM Center for Interfaith Spirituality

"It was the spirit of adventure that led me to the Order of Preachers. Embracing a unknown future with my Dominican brothers and sisters was and continues to be a good way to be in the adventure. While youthful idealisms have given way to the wisdom that comes with experience, my love for the Order and my enthusiasm for the ministry have increased over the years. As a brother in the Order. I have seen and helped bring about many changes in our way of life as part of the Order's ongoing task of making the ideals of Dominic relevant in today's world."

"I was a diocesan seminarian studying at the University in Collegeville when I first met the Dominicans. At that time I had no particular interest in religious life. Over the course of time, in getting to know the vocation director, I began to see the Dominicans combine in a unique way my interest in community life and in study and teaching. Over the years I would say the things which have been most important to me about Dominican life are our Liturgical Traditions; our dedication to study and teaching, and the service we perform for the Church as preachers. Especially in today's Church where people are bombarded with so much from the media, I think our attempts to renew preaching are particularly important."
Charles Bouchard, OP, Professed Oct. 4, 1975
President of Aquinas Institute of Theology


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