Student Life Begins With Philosophy
On the day that your novitiate ends you make simple profession of vows for three years. You are ready to start three years of philosophy at the House of Studies in River Forest, Illinois. The pattern of your life shifts a bit. In the novitiate the emphasis was primarily on a life of prayer; and now, for the rest of your years as a Dominican student, the concentration will be on a life of study. Prayer is not forgotten-not by any means. But now you start to buildon the foundation laid in the novitiate. You begin the study of truth - a study which perfects your intellect, preparing you to take your place among the sons of St. Dominic, to teach and preach against the errors of our time. Today when the minds of so many are darkened by these errors, it is essential that you as a preacher and teacher be able to set forth clearly the truths of God. It is important work; many souls will depend upon you for guidance, and you cannot fail them.

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