PentecostCome, O Spirit of the living God
Dedication of ChurchSee Jerusalem, God's city
MaryDaily, daily
The God whom earth and sea
ApostlesO Fathers of our ancient Faith
MartyrsO God, we praise your glorious work
Holy men and womenO Wisdom that came forth
Thanks be to God who leads his saints
MiddayO Holy Spirit, ever one
O mighty Ruler, Faithful God
O God, creation's mighty force
MassO Lamb of God who died for us
MiscellaneousHow many times
Jesus, my Savior
Te Deum
Our Father (1)
Our Father (2)
Holy, Holy (1)
Holy, Holy (2)

COME, O SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD for Pentecost etc. Melody: Veni Creator

  1. Come, O Sprit of the living God,
    haste and visit those who are your own.
    Pour oŭt floods of grace to glădden our hearts
    whch you mde to rĕst in you alone.
  2. Gift of Gd the Father and the Son,
    Paraclete, who speak in our defense,
    the foŭntain that ever flŏws from within,
    flăme of lve and cŏnsecrating oil.
  3. God's stern fnger driving demons out,
    welcome guest the Father promised us,
    your gĭfts strengthen us in oŭr every need,
    pŭtting wsdom ĭn our thoughts and words.
  4. Shed your lght to guide our minds aright,
    pour into our hearts a fervent love,
    our tĭred bodies also hŏld up with strength
    tŏ go n untĭl we reach our goal.
  5. Drive the nemy away from us,
    bring us quickly true and lasting peace,
    and lĕad us along the wăy without harm
    throŭgh the dngers lŭrking all around.
  6. Through you my we have the faith to know
    God our Father and his only Son,
    and yŏu, Spirit coming fŏrth from them both.
    Măy we se you făce to face one day.

SEE JERUSALEM, GOD'S CITY for Dedication of a church

  1. See Jerusalem, God's city
    coming down from heaven new,
    like a bride to meet her husband,
    all decked out in splendid dress,
    never more to grieve in sorrow;
    all old things have passed away.
  2. See the bride the Lamb has chosen,
    shining in the light of God.
    Walls with gates in each direction
    open to each tribe of God.
    Twelve most precious stones uphold it,
    each marked with an-apostle's name.
  3. Streets of gold are always shining
    with the glory of the Lamb.
    Rivers from his throne make flourish
    trees of life with fruit each month.
    Nations seek their leaves for healing,
    that they too may walk in light.
  4. All God's servants, fall in worship
    to the God who dwells in you!
    See, his name is on your foreheads,
    and his light will guide you still
    to the vision of the Father
    through the Spirit of his Son.

DAILY, DAILY for Mary, altered wording

  1. Daily, daily sing to Mary,
    sing her praises lovingly.
    On her birthday, on her feastdays,
    any time and anywhere
    tell what God has done for mankind
    through the "Yes" that Mary spoke.
    She is Jesus' Virgin Mother;
    she is Mother of us all.
  2. When the tempest rages round you,
    call her, trust her lovingly.
    She is mighty to deliver;
    she will calm the troubled sea.
    She will hold you and protect you
    as you walk in Jesus' way.
    By her wisdom and experience
    she's her children's guiding star.
  3. When the world was overburdened
    by the sin that Eve bequeathed,
    Mary gave the grace of freedom
    in the son that she conceived.
    So we celebrate her triumph
    and the vict'ry which is ours,
    and with Jesus in the Spirit
    praise the Father day by day.
THE GOD WHOM EARTH AND SEA for Mary, tr. of Quem terra
  1. The God whom earth and sea and sky
    adore and praise and magnify,
    who over all creation reigns,
    the virgin's spotless womb contains.
  2. O happy Mother to enclose
    within your womb as in an ark
    the God who holds within his hand
    the sun and moon and all the world.
  3. O happy Mother who believed
    the angel of the Lord who said
    that God would form from your own flesh
    the One whom all the world awaits.
  4. O Mary, Mother of all grace,
    who brought God's kindness to the world,
    protect us from all evil traps,
    that we may live and die in Christ.
  5. O Lord, the Virgin Mary's Son,
    with whom your Father was well pleased,
    the Spirit cries within us praise
    to you, the Lamb, the first and last.


  1. O fathers of our ancient faith,
    with all the heav'ns we sing your fame.
    Your sound went forth in all the earth
    to tell of Christ, and bless his name.
  2. Your lives were salt we still can taste,
    and light that shines upon us still.
    The joyful news you freely heard
    you freely preached to all the poor.
  3. You healed the sick and raised the dead,
    and made the lepers clean again.
    You drove out demons in Christ's name,
    and offered peace to every town.
  4. You went like sheep among the wolves,
    who dragged you into judges' courts.
    The Spirit taught you what to say,
    and how to suffer for Christ's name.
  5. As once you bound and loosed on earth,
    so no you judge and rule with Christ.
    And on the stones that bear your names
    he still is building up his Church.
  6. O Father, Son and Spirit, hear
    this prayer for sick and sinful men,
    and let us share the apostles' gift
    to heal, for give, instruct and guide.


  1. O God we praise your glorious work,
    the triumph of your martyred saints.
    They stayed with Christ in tasting death,
    and now sit by his side and rule.
  2. Christ chose them from the world and said:
    "Remain in me and I in you."
    The world no longer knew them then,
    and hated them and all they said.
  3. Their brothers, sons, and parents too
    reproached them with the worst of names,
    and took the sword to threaten them,
    but they were not afraid to die.
  4. They called on Christ before all men,
    and loved him more than their own lives;
    they took their cross and followed him,
    and persevered until the end.
  5. They gained their life by losing it,
    and followed Christ through death to life.
    They suffered with him for his church,
    and won for it a multitude.
  6. O Lamb of God, in your pure blood
    the martyrs washed their robes all white.
    Before the Father now they stand,
    while you declare that they are yours.
  7. You marked on them your own new name,
    the Father's also as their prize.
    They follow everywhere you go,
    and in the Spirit praise your name.

O WISDOM THAT CAME FORTH for Holy Men and Women

  1. O Wisdom that came forth from God,
    you chose the nonsense of this world,
    and put to shame upon the cross
    the boasting of the great and wise.
  2. You sent your Spirit to reveal
    the secret depths of God himself,
    and sweep from us, his dwelling place,
    the sticks nard straw of earthly pride.
  3. Our bodies, which you bought for God,
    preserve from bonds of earthly lust,
    nard bind our spirits to yourself
    to think of pleasing you alone.
  4. O Lord, your saints have shown us how
    to leave all else to run the race,
    and use the gifts your Spirit gives,
    with love, the quiet guide of all.
  5. So raise us with them on the day
    you rule as king of all the world,
    the day you give your Father all
    who in the Spirit are made one.


  1. Thanks be to God who leads his saints
    in Christ's triumphal march.
    along the way their fragrance spreads
    to make Christ known to men.
  2. In them the glory of the Lord
    shines brightly as the sun;
    for they became in Jesus Christ
    true likenesses of God.
  3. They suffered much on every side,
    but never lacked God's love.
    Their bodies carried Jesus' death
    to show his life at work.
  4. While on this earth, they sowed in tears,
    but now they reap with joy.
    Their earthly tent gives way to one
    which never shall fall down.
  5. O Christ, while we are far from home,
    give courage to us here
    to please the Father as we hear
    all that the Spirit says.
O HOLY SPIRIT, EVER ONE tr. of Nunc Sancte nobis, Midday (Terce)
  1. O Holy Spirit, ever one
    with both the Father and the Son,
    come now, O God, and spread, we pray,
    your presence in our hearts today.
  2. Let flesh and heart and lips and mind
    sound forth our witness to mankind,
    and love light up our mortal frame
    till others catch the living flame.
  3. Dear Father, grand us what we ask
    through Jesus Christ, your Word of love,
    whose Spirit makes us ever praise
    one God, the king of all the world.
O MIGHTY RULER, FAITHFUL GOD tr. of Rector potens, Midday (Sext)
  1. O mighty Ruler, faithful God,
    you guide the day and all it brings
    from dawn's bright splendor fresh with hope
    to noontime's trying heat nard sweat.
  2. Put out the flames of angry strife,
    remove the heat of wrong desire,
    restore our bodies' health and strength
    and guard our hearts in lasting peace.
  3. Dear Father, grand us what we ask
    through Jesus Christ, your Word of love,
    whose Spirit makes us ever praise
    one God, the king of all the world.

O GOD, CREATION'S MIGHTY FORCE tr. of Rerum Deus, Midday (None)

  1. O God, creation's mighty force,
    the master of all passing things,
    you make all things result in good
    for those who love and trust in you.
  2. As day recedes, please give us light
    to keep our life from fading out;
    let love keep driving us in hope
    till death brings glory without end.
  3. Dear Father, grand us what we ask
    through Jesus Christ, your Word of love,
    whose Spirit makes us ever praise
    one God, the king of all the world.

LAMB OF GOD WHO DIED FOR US for Mass, melody: Wm. B. Bradbury's "Just as I am"

  1. O Lamb of God, who died for us,
    you call me in your mercy now
    to feast upon the bread of life.
    O Lamb of God, I come, I come.
  2. O Lamb of God, who rose for us,
    you call me now to share your peace
    and drink the sacred blood you shed.
    O Lamb of God, I come, I come.
HOW MANY TIMES a Christianization of the popular song of the 60s
  1. How many times must my people make war
    before they know they are one?
    How many times must their blood be shed
    before they know that it's mine?
    How many times will you break my bread
    before you give me to eat?
    The answer, my friend, is when you see the truth
    that I am in the poor and least of all.
  2. How many times must the sick look up
    and find that there's no one to care?
    How many times must I stumble and fall
    before you offer your hand?
    How many times must I reach through these bars
    before you give me the keys?
    The answer, my friend, is when you see the truth
    that I am in the poor and least of all.
  3. How many times must I knock on your door
    before you let me come in?
    How many times must I wander alone
    before you call me your friend?
    How many times must I struggle to learn
    before you teach me the way?
    The answer, my friend, is when you see the truth
    that I am in the poor and least of all.

JESUS, MY SAVIOR German, 17th c., new wording for v.2

  1. Jesus, my Savior, King of creation,
    son of God and Son of Man,
    in your great mercy you took our nature.
    Oh may we share your life divine!
  2. After you came down into the earth's depths,
    you went up to heights above,
    taking us captive, giving us each gifts,
    to build your body up in love.
  3. Jesus, my Savior, Lord of the nations,
    son of God and son of Man,
    glory and honor, praise, adoration
    now and forever, Lord, to you.




Holy, Holy (1)

Holy, Holy (2)