Black Churches Burning

In the course of this week,(June 17-22) the Sisters of St. Dominic of Racine, Wisconsin and their Associates will run the following signed ad in The Racine Journal Times and The Milwaukee Journal / Sentinel:

"COMMITTED TO TRUTH and COMPELLED TO JUSTICE, we, the undersigned Racine Dominican Sisters and Associates, denounce the burning of Black churches. We abhor the racial hatred that this burning represents. It is an attempt to destroy the very soul of the African American community.

The Racine Dominican Community supports persons and groups who are working for justice and the eradication of racism."

Racine Dominicans and their Associates gathered in assembly have further pledged themselves to local action and to correspondence with editors and legislators in protest of the church burnings and in support of strong government action for the investigation and prosecution of these crimes. We urge others who have not yet done so to join this public outcry."