Selected Works of Thomas McGlynn

St. Dominic, 6'4", Bronze, 1974

Firm as his bronze
he is moving forward
agile and serene through Languedoc
the world and time
to praise
to bless
to preach
gripping the Gospel to his heart,
with joy his answer
to the malice of a guide
who leads the way through thorns.

At the foundry where the bronze was cast
a workman said:
"We, too, have to walk through thorns."
- - - - Thomas McGlynn

This was the first of four versions, he was to do of Martin.
This statue was partially responsible for the devotion to
Martin which led to Martin's canonization in 1962. The original
plaster of this is at the Dominican House of Studies,
Washington, DC. The first bronze casting of this figure was
done in 1962 for the canonization ceremonies at the Vatican.
Martin is shown clutching the crucifix in his hand, the broom
at his side and rats at his feet. The crucifix, broom and rats
are used symbolically, to express his love for the most simple
of God's creatures, his service to the community, and his deep
love for the Lord. Tom with clay figure of Martin de Porres, 1930.

St. Martin de Porres, 7'4", bronze 1968, the fourth version of Martin.

The first casting of the 1968 figure was done for St. Raymond's
Cemetery, the Bronx, New York. The figure shown is the second
bronze casting, done in 1978, and is located on the Providence
College campus.
The rats have been removed from this statue as it was designed
for a cemetery and Tom felt that people had an aversion to rats,
or mice, being on a sculpture in a cemetery.