for Souls

Dominicans of the Province of St. Albert the Great are teaching philosophy and theology in more than thirty colleges and universities within the province. But their work as teachers does not stop there. Others with special qualifications teach in high schools and in seminaries. Others, in addition to their work as preachers, are assiped to teach in special fields which include Canon Law, Church History and Sacred Scripture. As teachers all Dominican priests have the work of the priesthood, instructing converts, guiding youth, counseling parents, preparing souls for the reception of the sacraments.

Every year the province sends young priests for advanced studies at famous university centers throughout the world. You may be assigned to study in Washington or Rome for two or three very busy years. Other assignments could be to Oxford, Fribourg, Salamanca, Manila, Jerusalem, Paris.

Or you might be given the important work of directly caring for souls in a Dominican parish or mission.

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