Smith Hall 1953

What about the Dominicans?

That's a good question. It sure covers a lot of ground. But with high school finished, or almost finished, and your choice of college facing you, it really is about time for you to ask just that question. And to answer it-honestly.

We want to tell you in this book a little "about the Dominicans," about their founder, St. Dominic, about his ideals and the way modern Dominicans are living up to those ideals.

The Dominican vocation could be summed up simply as the crusade of truth. That's what St. Dominic wanted-to preach, teach, defend the truth that Our Lord came to give to all men. And a crusade means hard work; it means a lot of preparation, intensive training just like any important job requires; it means zeal for the truths of our Faith which alone has the solutions to the problems that torment the world today.

You may be called by God to serve in the fighting ranks of St. Dominic's preaching friars. As a priest of the Dominican Order you will live a way of life that seven centuries have proved to be a sure road to sanctity and to the salvation of countless souls hungry for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yes, this is your time of decision. There is no question that the religious life is the best life for you. But are you willing to make the sacrifices that the Dominican life requires? It's hard, yes, but after all anything worthwhile is going to take a lot of effort. The Church promises, with the voice of Christ, that if you follow St. Dominic and live according to his ideal, you will find a reward that is a hundredfold in this life, and measureless in heaven.

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