Candidates for the Order listen to an instruction on the nature of the religious life just before reception of the habit.
Community spirit is a very important part of Dominican life, for Dominicans are brothers.

St. Dominic and His Order

The needs of the Church vary from age to age, and in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries a situation developed that threatened the very life of the Church, and indeed the life of society. Many people and even whole territories were drifting into heresy. And preaching was neglected.

But God did not abandon His Church. In the early thirteenth century He raised up a great saint to meet the needs of the times -- St. Dominic, the New Apostle, the great saint who first conceived of a religious order devoted to preaching and teaching. As he travelled through Europe, his ringing words and saintly example kindled new fire in the hearts of the many who heard him. He offered them a glorious challenge -- to join a gigantic crusade for souls in an order dedicated to preaching and teaching the word of God. That was more

than seven hundred years ago. Today, St. Dominic invites you to join that same crusade. Are you willing to accept his invitation? Are you willing to carry on the work of the Dominican apostolate?

How does the Dominican apostolate differ from the work of the priesthood in general? All are priests of Christ -- the diocesan priests and priests in religious communities. Both groups participate fully in the sacred ministry of Jesus: offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and administering the sacraments. This is the work of every priest.

The difference in the Dominican vocation is not in the priesthood, but in the way of life and the type of work. For the diocesan priest, the parish is usually the center of activity. The normal work of the religious priest depends on the scope of his order and the need (continued next page)

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