Thou Art A Priest Forever
At the end of theology the blessed day arrives. The Bishop calls you forward; during the Mass of Ordination he places his hands upon you, making you a priest forever. New and sacred powers have been granted to you-to offer the Mass, administer the sacraments, bring grace to the souls of men.

There remains one year of study at the House of Theology following your ordination. This year prepares you more thoroughly to give yourself with maximum fruitfulness to the ministry of Christ. With the passing of this year comes your first assignment. The field of apostolic labor is very wide; but your superiors have watched you closely since you entered the Order. They

are well acquainted with your talents and abilities. They will assign you where you can do the most good for souls.

As a young priest you have sublime and difficult duties, but with the help of Jesus and Mary you will succeed. Henceforth the intimate communion with God in prayer and the zealous study that characterized your student years must overflow in good works to bring salvation to others.

Nor is your study over. As a Dominican you are always engaged in the pursuit of truth. And for the priestanother Christ-constant prayer, the daily advance in the love of God, is absolutely necessary. Study and prayer - these are the life-long companions of your Dominican vocation.

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