Selected Works of Thomas McGlynn V

Archbishop Camozzo of Pisa, bronze, life-size, 1966.

This fine portrait bust of Tom's local bishop exemplifies his strength as a portrait sculptor. Archbishop Camozzo blessed Tom, the marble, and the model, and the tools before the Fatima statue was begun. The Archbishop was also present in Pietrasanta, Italy when Tom celebrated his twenty-five years as a priest.

Tom carving the Job, marble, 1970s

One day in 1972, Tom came across a piece of white marble lying around the studio yard and decided to commence a sculpture of Job, the Old Testament figure who has traditionally represented the state of frustration that one can experience in this life without giving up hope in God. Job is depicted as sitting on a dung heap with boils over his body.

Tom worked on this sculpture erratically for the remaining years of his life, and it was unfinished at the time of his death. It might well have been the masterpiece of his whole career as a sculptor. He did it for no one but himself. With no outside restrictions placed upon it, the Job has a life and spirit not found in his other works.

It seems very much to be a self-portrait reflecting the trials which Tom endured throughout his life, trials which can ultimately be resolved only in union with the Lord after death.



John J. Reid, O.P.,Assistant Professor of Theology at Providence College, is the Director of Vocations and editor of this work.

R. Justin Hennessey, O.P., Prior of St. Thomas Aquinas Priory, Providence College, teaches theology at the college. He has served as Prior and Pastor at St. Vincent Ferrer Church in New York City, and as Regent of Studies of the Province of St. Joseph.

Richard A. McAlister, O.P., Professor of Art at Providence College, wrote, designed and prepared this work for publication.


Text & photos are taken from: Thomas McGlynn, Priest and Sculptor, Richard A. McAlister, O.P., Providence College Press, Providence, 1981.

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