Devised by Rev. G. B. Stratemeier, O. P.

Coat of Arms: Province of St. Albert the Great
This Coat-of-Arms can be described as a shield within a shield. The outer shield is that of the Order of Preachers. The inner shield is a green backdrop divided by a gold cross. Above the cross bar is an open book inscribed with the Alpha and Omega; underneath at either side is a smaller, open, uninscribed book. This is to indicate in heraldry the complete title of St. Albert: St. Albert the Great, Bishop, Confessor, Doctor, of the Order of preachers.

 This tincture vert (green) is the heraldic color of the Bishop. The cross indicates the faith of this Confessor. Gold was selected because St. Albert is referred to in his office as a golden pillar of the Church. The book is symbolic of a Doctor of the Church. Three books were chosen to indicate the "Doctor Universalis." The two smaller books indicate the natural sciences and philosophy, the larger and inscribed book indicates Theology. In the prayer of the Saint, allusion is made to St. Albert subjecting human knowledge to divine wisdom, indicated by the position of the smaller books in relation to the larger. The large book is inscribed with the initials Alpha and Omega. This inscription is a name applied to God indicating Dominican devotion to the Name of God and all that pertains to God. The outer shield of the Order of Preachers indicates the Order of Albert as well as the entire Order in relation to the province within.