Society for Vocational Support

Speaking to the General Chapter of the Order of Preachers in 1983, Pope John Paul II said, "My desire for your Order is that you form numerous sons ready to serve the church." The Society for Vocational Support (SVS) exists for the purpose of continuing this essential formation of much needed preachers and teachers. Through pledges of financial support, members of SVS help create well-trained preachers ready to serve the church.

For their part, Dominican students remember SVS members, their individual needs and their intentions, in daily celebrations of Mass and community prayers. Members of SVS can be monthly sponsors, can establish a burse (fund for educating Dominicans), can remember the Order in a will, and can enroll others in annual and perpetual prayer enrollments. These prayer enrollments, available on request, entitle persons named to remembrance in the prayers of the Dominican Fathers and Brothers.

June 1996
Dear Friends,

Few people think of Thomas Aquinas as a poet. A theologian, yes; a doctor of the Church, certainly. He is well known as the author of the Summa of Theology. But a poet? Yet Thomas Aquinas wrote some of the most beautiful poetry in the liturgy . In a few lines composed for Evening Prayer of the Feast of Corpus Christi Thomas summarized what the Church believes about the Holy Eucharist.:

How holy is this feast . . .
in which Christ is our food;
his passion is recalled,
grace fills our hearts;
and we receive a pledge of the glory to come
Dominicans boast of Thomas as one of the family, but Thomas is also a challenge to us. An important part of the prayer and study of our Dominican students is learning how to love, preach and celebrate the mystery of the Eucharist.

It is you, the members of the Society for Vocational Support, who make it possible for Dominicans to carry on their tradition of devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. Think of how many times each student whom you have supported in his journey to ordination will celebrate the Eucharist and preach about it to people who are hungry for God. Only when we are all safely together in God's presence will we truly know the effect of your gifts and sacrifices. Meanwhile, the Dominicans will continue to remember you in their celebration of the Eucharist. May the Savior present in the Eucharist bless you and those close to you.


Dennis Zusy, O.P.
Director, SVS

P. S. In July, I will be writing you in a slightly different format. The Provincial Development Office will begin a quarterly newsletter, which will include information on our students, our missions and other activities of the province. Other months the SVS letter will appear as usual. I hope you will enjoy our quarterly newsletter.

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