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Recent Additions to Dominican Festive Liturgical Days
Saint ZDISLÁVA January 4
Blessed AÑA DE LOS ANGELES January 10
Blessed FRA ANGELICO February 18
Blessed FRANCIS COLL May 19
Blessed MARGARET EBNER June 20
Blessed ROBERT NUTTER, M. July 27
Blessed GEORGE THOMAS REHM, M. August 18
Blessed INGRID OF STÄNNINGE (Sweden) September 2
Saints LORENZO RUIZ & 15 COMPANIONS September 28
Blessed BARTOLO LONGO October 6
Blessed MARIE POUSSEPIN October 14
Blessed AGNES OF LANGÉAC October 19
Blessed TERENCE O'BRIEN, Bishop M. October 30
Blessed PETER HIGGINS, M. October 30
Our 60 VIETNAMESE SAINTS M M November 24

Father Innocenzo Venchi, postulator general of Causes, in his Report to this summer's General Chapter of Caleruega, lists the Causes that have advanced in the last three years.

  1. When 17 Irish Martyrs were beatified September 27, 1992, there were among them two Dominicans who died for the Faith: Bishop Terence O'Brien (1600-1651) and prior Father Peter Higgins (1600-1643).
  2. We were given three new Blesseds on November 20, 1994. They were: Père Hyacinth-M. Cormier (1832-1916),who long labored strenuously for Dominican ideals; Mère Agnes of Langéac, foundress of that contemplative monastery, and the inspiration of the Dominican Sisters of Puy, and Mère Marie Poussepin, foundress of the Dominican Presentation Sisters, and totally dedicated to serving the youth, the poor, the sick. At one time in their lives all three had been Tertiaries, members of the Third Order.
  3. Saint Zdisláva, Lady Zdisláva of Lemberk (1220-1252), was canonized at Olomouc on May 21, 1995. She had long been venerated in Bohemia, a "domina sanctae vitae", a true Dominican laywoman. She carefully raised four children. Her charities, at times miraculously confirmed, abounded for the needy, the sick, for indigent families. She died in her husband's arms. She founded two Dominican priories. In 1989, through her intercession, a doctor was healed from a lengthy coma by a miracle, duly authenticated. Sister Anita Smisek, of Sinsinawa, graciously represented us all at Olomouc.
  4. On October 1, 1995, Pope John Paul II beatified Père Jean-Georges-Thomas Rehm, O.P. (1752-1794), an Alsacian, of the Province of Paris, and 63 Companions, all Maryrs of the Diocese of La Rochelle during the French Revolution.

For all of these we are indeed grateful. The minimal thanksgiving, customarily within the year following the beatification or canonization, can well be an intercession in Morning and Evening Prayer for three successive days.

The Order however in Rome, gave a week for the immediate preparation for the actual celebration and for the thanksgiving, for our three new Blesseds of last November. The beatification itself was at St. Peter's, the days of thanksgiving included special Masses, and a Dominican Family Symposium at the Angelicum. The Holy Father came on the final day.

Other accounts of thanksgiving included the beautiful Pontifical mass sponsored in Washington by the Presentation Sisters at which the area's Friars, Sisters, and Dominican Laity took part.

Among the visiting American participants for the events in Rome were members of a pilgrimage conducted by Fr. John Maguire; Frs. Luke Tancrell, J. J. Sullivan, Paul Keller, Augustine DiNoia; and Sr. M. William of the Washington Presentation Sisters.

Material on all these Blesseds can be obtained from the Dominican Bookstore; Convento Santa Sabina; Aventino, 00153, Rome, Italy.

The Cause of Ven. Samuel Mazuchelli awaits word on the certification of a healing of one who extraordinarily has been able to give up the use of dialysis. If this news is positive, then the beatification of Ven. Samuel can come quickly. Please pray for this.

The Cause of Fr. Paschal Kelly (+1975), longtime victim of almost complete multiple sclerosis continues to progress under the solicitous care of Fr. George Ninteman. Fr. Paschal's ever joyful, cheerful spirit still inspires his devotees. Testimony to his virtues can be sent to Fr. Nintemann at the Church of St. Bridget, 2123 Country Road 16 SE, Rochester, MN 55904.

Father Tim Deeter, Director of The Frassati Society (P.O. Box 360, Orangefield, TX 77639-0360) energetically supports the Cause of Blessed Pier Giorgio (1901-1925). Blessed Pier Giorgio was an ardent athlete, a tireless servant of the poor, a university student of Turin where he died after a 6 day illness of polio. As a Tertiary, he choose the name of Brother Jerome, since he venerated Fra Savonarola as a saint. Fr. Deeter bas an abundant supply of literature.

Other Causes can use your prayers and penances. Bl. Margaret of Castello, herself blind and crippled, patron of the "marginalized"; Blessed Fra Angelico, patron of Artists; Mother Columba, founder of the Polish Sisters who have nursing homes in Justice, IL, Milwaukee, WI, and Vancouver, Bl. John of Vercelli, founder of the Holy Name Society, Praxedes Fernandez, wife and mother, Bl. James Salomoni, whose new Shrine is in our St. Catherine's Church in New York, across the street from the world renowned cancer hospital.

Still other Causes that could use your prayers: thosc of Frs. J. J. Lataste, M. J. Lagrange, Bonaventure Paredes and 37 confrères of Madrid; Fr. J. T. Arintero; Ven. Luis of Grenada; Fr. Joseph Girotti, my classmate who perished at Dachau 50 years ago; Fr. Titus Horten; Ven. Vincenzo Bernedo of Bolivia; Mother Luigia Tincani of Rome; Georgio La Pira of Florence; Elizabeth Leseur.

Studies go forward on Frs. Savonarola and Eckert and on Bishop Las Casas. Prayers always help.

- T. M. Sparks O.P.

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