Letter to the Order:

"Let us walk in joy and think of our Saviour"
Some views on Dominican Itinerancy

Fr. Carlos Alfonso Azpiroz Costa OP       Master of the Order
      Santa Sabina, 24 May 2003,
      Memorial of the Translation of our Father Saint Dominic.

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John Paul II: On the Rosary (Oct. 16, 2002)

Dominican Life Online Magazine

Dominican Liturgical Calendar - 2007.    (Ordo07.pdf   304kb)

Lectionary Readings for Dominican Feasts

Dominican Sacramentary for Saints and Blesseds of the Order

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The Martyrology of the Sacred Order of Preachers
Dominican Liturgical Texts in English - Consultations on Translations
Dominican Liturgy Texts

Dominican Gregorian Chant in RealAudio.
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"Austeritate vitae..." Antiphon from Morning Prayer of St. Albert's feast (Nov. 15).
"O lumen ecclesiae..." To St. Dominic from the Compline Procession.
"Salve Regina..." Hail Holy Queen...from the Compline Procession.
"Recordare..." Marian Offertory Antiphon.
"Ave Regina Caelorum..." Marian Communion Antiphon.

The "O" Antiphons of Advent from the Dominican Antiphonarium.
"O Sapientia..." Vespers Antiphon for December 17.
"O Adonai..." Vespers Antiphon for December 18.
"O Radix Jesse..." Vespers Antiphon for December 19.
"O Clavis David..." Vespers Antiphon for December 20.
"O Oriens..." Vespers Antiphon for December 21.
"O Rex..." Vespers Antiphon for December 22.
"O Emmanuel..." Vespers Antiphon for December 23.
The Christmas Proclamation. For the Midnight Mass, Christmas Eve.

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Kyrie: From Missa de angelis.
O Lumen: Antiphon in honor of St. Dominic.
O Spem Miram: Responsory in honor of St. Dominic.
Media Vita: Lenten Antiphon for Compline.
Salve Regina: Antiphon in honor of Mary.
Sub tuum: Antiphon in honor of Mary.
Virgo...: Antiphon in honor of Mary.
Te lucis ante terminum...: Compline Hymn.
Christe qui lux es...: Lenten Compline Hymn.
Victimae Paschali: Easter sequence.

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    Easter Texts - Sung
Exsultet - The Easter Proclamation, in Real Audio.
The Passion of Our Lord...adapted from Dominican Chant Forms. RealAudio.

Scriptural Stations of the Cross, by Albert Judy, O.P.

Our Lives Together
Beyond the Rainbow: A Letter by Alberto Rodriguez, Provincial, Southern Province.
Jerome Murphy O'Connor talks St. Paul with his brothers (6/24/97)
Jubilarians Honored