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Whatever Happened to Sin?

The Truth about Catholic Morality


It didn't used to be so hard to lead a moral life. Decisions were either right or wrong-"black or white." Today the concept of sin seems to have disappeared with our society's current focus on situational ethics. Every decision is made up of "shades of gray."

In this climate, Catholics often feel inadequately prepared to answer the complex ethical questions they face. In response, Father Bouchard provides an intelligent and readable introduction to the Catholic moral perspective. True morality is a lifelong process-a positive, creative capacity that helps us know not only what we should do, but what kind of person we want to be.

He explains how our understanding of conscience, sin, virtue, liturgy, and friendship shape our moral lives and draw us to God. He also looks at the changing shape of Christian morality, sexual morality, our personal responsibility for healthcare, and other modern ethical issues.

He highlights additional resources, including the pope's encydical, and prepares us to answer today's ethical questions. You'll discover how true Catholic morality is a "yes" to God and human happiness.

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