The Apostolate

Whatever your first assignment in the Province of St. Albert the Great, your work as a Dominican priest will always include preaching. Dominican missiorl bands are preaching constantly in the hundreds of communities throughout the province. You may be among them. You may perhaps join other fathers in special preaching work over the radio and at Newman Clubs. But wherever your first assignment takes you, preaching will always remain your foremost activity. It is the most important work of the Order -the Order of Preachers. It is a heritage that all who are Friars Preachers have received from St. Dominic. Your activity in preaching will vary - retreats, novenas, missions, Sunday sermons, Lenten courses, conferences, talks to parish and community groups. These, and many more, will form an integral part of your work as a Dominican priest. It is the way of St. Dominic, of preaching Christ to all.

Your first assignment may be teaching. This is another form of preaching., another method of bringing the truth of Christ to others. Then there is the writing of books, publishing articles, preparing papers and pamphlets, all of which are designed to bring the truth into the minds and hearts of others. Today the

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