"Apostolic Volunteers...Dominican Volunteers"

Apostolic Volunteer Reunion Weekend and Closing Ritual
July 27-29, 2001
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Vision Statement: Dominican Volunteers Michael's Story -- A Year at Heartland

Brothers, The Provincial Chapter 1999 had asked that I represent us and our ongoing collaboration with the Apostolic Volunteers and our new efforts to launch a new program called the Dominican Volunteers. As some of you know, I, myself, was an Apostolic Volunteer in 1993-1994 when I worked at St. Albertís in Minneapolis before joining the Central Province. I realize that for most of you, you do not know what they may mean so here is a bit of info on who they are...

Since 1997, the Central and Southern Provinces have been involved in creating a national project with 20 other Dominican Congregations of our sisters to invite men and women to join in Dominican Life and Mission as volunteers. This national collaboration will become a reality in October 2000 when representatives of the sponsoring congregations and provinces meet to convene the first Corporation Board of Dominican Volunteers. Volunteers will be recruited to live, pray, and minister with Dominicans across the country. It is our hope that we will have the first group of Dominican Volunteers placed in community and ministry sites in August 2001. The two current Dominican volunteer programs in the U.S., the Apostolic Volunteers and the Southern Dominican Volunteer Program will then merge to become Dominican Volunteers.

In the meantime, the Central Province with several other Midwest Congregations co-sponsor the Apostolic Volunteer program which is administered by the Sinsinawa Dominicans. What this means is that the Central Province, with others, gives financial support to the program as well as supporting the program by recruiting volunteers at colleges, identifying ministry and community living sites, and giving ongoing support to volunteers placed in our geographic area. Every year since 1980ís our province has hosted volunteers in our communities and in our ministry sites. This year we have two volunteers working with us directly. Megan Hennessy is a volunteer from Rochester, MI who works with us at St. Pius V Grade School in Chicago. Juana Barrera works with us at St. Dominic Parish in Denver. We hope to once again continue our strong ties to building this program next year as we continue to welcome volunteers to join in our way of life.

The goals of the program are to provide ways for volunteers to use their skills, abilities and insight in the service of others; to give life and substance to our baptismal commitment to create community and care for one another; and to support and to foster active spirituality within the Dominican way of life.

The program is open to men and women, married or single who are at least 20 years of age. The volunteers are required to attend a one-week orientation in August. Personal qualities required area sincere desire to serve others; a Christian motivation; two years of college or work experience; and a good sense of humor.

Apostolic Volunteers live in community throughout the United States for a 10 month period. Through the community living experience, relationships are formed, support is given and received and responsibilities are shared. These communities are made up of both vowed religious and lay women and men of all ages.

An Apostolic Volunteer receives room and board; $100 a month and $300 at the end of the year of service; accident/hospitalization insurance; student loan deferral; an Americorps Education Award (currently @ $4700); and the adventure of a lifetime!

Have an idea for a ministry site? Willing to share in community with a volunteer? Questions? Call or write Brendan Curran O.P. (314) 977-7330 or brendancurran@yahoo.com and visit the present Apostolic Volunteer website at http://www.sinsinawa.org/aposv.htm

Brendan Curran O.P.