The Death and Resurrection of Jesus
by Donald J. Goergen OP

Volume 2
The Theology of Jesus

© Donald J. Goergen OP

THE DEATH AND RESURRECTION OF JESUS was the second in a series of four volumes on Jesus by Donald Goergen, OP, published by Liturgical Press in Collegeville, MN. The other three volumes (The Mission and Ministry of Jesus; The Jesus of Christian History; and Jesus:Son of God, Son of Mary, Immanuel) remain in print with Liturgical Press. This second volume, however, is now out of print and thus is being made available through Internet. The copyright belongs to the author. No permission is needed to use the work.The first volume in this series was a reflection on the earthly historical Jesus, his life and ministry, Jesus as prophet and sage. This second volume picks up with Jesus' death and resurrection.


Part One: The Death of Jesus
1. Jesus is Crucified.
2. Jesus, Servant of the Lord.

Part Two: The Resurrection of Jesus
3. Resurrection From the Dead.
4. Jesus is Raised from the Dead.
5. The Servant Becomes Lord.

Part Three: Toward an Understanding of Jesus
6. Part 1, Historiography and Faith
6. Part 2, The Jesus of History and the Church's Jesus
6. Part 3, The Infancy Narratives

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First published in 1988 by Michael Glazier, Inc.
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 87-82343
International Standard Book Number: 0-89453-602-8