... a monthly publication from the North American Dominican co-Promoters for Justice and Peace to remind us that, "Work for justice and peace and participation in the transformation of the world are clearly presented to us as a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the Gospel. It is not simply a question of a moral view but of our faith in the God of Jesus Christ. This is why we are called to preach justice."
(1992 General Chapter of the Order, Mexico)
Dates to Observe with Prayer and Action During April
Apr. 1 All Fools Day!
Apr. 3 Full Moon Day the Pink Moon
Passover begins at sunset
Apr. 4 Holy Thursday
M. L. King, Jr., assassinated 1968
Apr. 5 Good Friday
Apr. 6 Holy Saturday
Apr. 7 Easter the Resurrection!
World Health Day
Apr. 8 50 Days of Easter begin
Buddha born 563 BC
Apr. 9 Sacajewea, d. 1884
Apr. 11 Pacem in Terris 1963
Apr. 15 War Tax Resistance Day
Apr. 16 Holocaust Memorial Day
Apr. 22 Int'l Earth Day 1970
Apr. 23 Cesar Chavez, d. 1993
Apr. 24 World Children's Day
Apr. 26 So. African elections 1994
Chernobyl meltdown 1986
Apr. 29 Los Angeles uprising 1992
Apr. 30 Viet Nam War ends 1975
Arbor Day

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Ghislain LaBonte, OP (Canadian)
Eastern USA
Eileen Gannon, OP (Sparkhill)
Norman Haddad, OP (Eastern)
Midwestern USA
Gene Poore, OP (Oxford)
Chuch Dahm, OP (Central)
Southern USA
Robin Richard, OP (St. Mary's, LA)
Jim Campbell, OP (Southern)
Western USA
Cathy Murray, OP (San Rafael)
Fred Lucci, OP (Southern)
North American Co-Promoters
Toni Harris, OP (Sinsinawa)
Rolf Hasenack, OP (Canadian)