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St. Albert the Great, USA province owns and operates the following Servers:

for further information and availability contact the Webmaster

Macintosh G4 (MacOS 9.04)

Cobalt RAQ2 (Linux)

SAG Electronics PC (Windows 2000)


Macintosh G4-500mhz Server

Power PC G4 with the Velocity Engine
552mgb RAM
17gig UWSCSI-2 HD

OT 2.1

MacOS 9.04

WebStar 4.2
for G4 Velocity Engine

ListSTAR 2.0

ListSTAR 2.0

Pardeikes Welcome Plugin is a WSAPI compatible Server Plugin for Macintosh Servers like WebSTAR.
Welcome enables Virtual Hosting on our server so you we have multiple domains on a single IP number. Statistics give you an overview of hits, visits and bytes that are transferred for your sites. Logging will create separate log files for each of your site or let you logs very special events.

From Maxum:
   NetCloak Pro v. 3.0 (now integrating NetForms)

NetCloak is the "swiss army knife" of Web server enhancements, making it easy for you to build dynamic, interactive Web sites.

   Rumpus FTP Server v. 3.1.3

Rumpus is simply the best FTP server for the Mac OS.

Cobalt Raq2+Server

A second generation, low-cost, high-density Internet server designed expressly for ISPs
Key features:

256 MB RAM, 16 GIG HD
Dual 10/100 Base-T Ethernet

External SCSI port

Web publishing, email, Domain Name Server, Front Page Server Extensions; Optional SSL support, CGI and Perl support, virtual domain support;

LINUX OS; Apache Web Server

PC (SAG Electronics, Inc.)

Dual Pentium III GX Chipset - Intel Lancewood Motherboard
Pentium III, 800 Mhz/100FSB Processor (Presently only 1 processor installed)
512 MB 120 Mhz ECC SDRAM
2 9GB 7.2KRPM LVD160/SE 2MB LP Hard Drives, RAID 1 (For programs)
4 18GB 10KRPM LVD160/SE 4MB LP Hard Drives, RAID 5 (1 Hot Backup, for data)
Enterprise 64 bit LVD 4CH Megaraid 1500
32 MB SDRAM 120Mhz ECC (1500 Megaraid)

SDSL Connection to the Internet (744 kbps)

This following software is found on this server:

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 (soon to be upgraded to SQL Server 2000)

RealNetwork RealAudio 7.0 (soon to be upgraded to RealAudio 8.0) 60 streams

Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 (soon to be upgraded to Exchange Server 2000) [Runs on a smaller PC networked to this SDSL connection.]

These servers provide Web hosting, DNS and EMail Services, as well as Audio/Video streaming and database connectivity.