The Log chapel at Camp.

Action on the volleyball court.
Summer Camp on Green Bay

A pleasant part of your years as a Dominican student are the weeks at the Dominican summer camp on Green Bay in Michigan where you and your brothers, away from the classroom, get the rest and relaxation which is so necessary for a well-balanced life.

What do you do at camp? Well, there is fishing, swimming, and sailing, and there is baseball and volleyball almost every day. Or if you prefer, you can go on long hikes. And there is time for study, for serious and recreational reading, for writing.

But although summer camp offers many opportunities for healthful work and recreation, its most important effects can be found in the spiritual life, of each brother. Up there in the great, quiet woods, conditions are ideal for prayer. The very surroundings, the splendors of nature, speak of God -- His beauty, wisdom, and power.

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