Life in Abundance:
Meister Eckhart & the German
Dominican Mystics of the 14th Century

by Gundolf M. Gieraths, O.P.

Autumn 1986 Vol. 38 Supplement

1. Life in Abundance
2. The Elements of German Dominican Mysticism
3. The Importance of Dominican Sisters in German Mysticism
4. Fifteenth-Century Dominican Spirituality
5. Mystical Writers: Meister Eckhart
6. Mystical Writers: John Tauler
7. Mystical Writers: Blessed Henry Suso & John of Sterngassen


Critical studies of the works of Meister Eckhart, Johann Tauler and Heinrich Suso have advanced notably since 1956, when Fr. Gieraths book first appeared in Germany. (1) (A select bibliography of recent works in English on Eckhart and his disciples is appended to this Introduction.) As a result, significant theological opinion has shifted in support of the orthodoxy of Eckhart's teachings, including the sentences taken out of the full context of his writings in the papal condemnation of 1329. A favorable response from the Vatican to a petition of the Dominican Order to reopen the proceedings against the Meister is presently awaited.

In light of these events, Gieraths' hesitation regarding Eckhart's orthodoxy must itself be viewed with reserve. Similarly, his bias against the Neoplatonic influence on St. Albert the Great and his students, especially Eckhart, must be reconsidered in view of the brilliant work of Alain de Libera and others, which argues cogently for the integral Christian interpretation of this alternative philosophical tradition by Albert's "Cologne School."(2) The Christian Neoplatonism of these "Albertines," tempered and in many respects transformed by a profound reliance on Scripture and Christian tradition, provided the hospitable structure for interpreting mysticism (they would have called it "contemplation") that the works of Aristotle lacked.

But even with these developments in the current upsurge of study and interest in the Rhineland mystics, no single work has addressed the phenomenon of the Dominican spiritual revolution of the late Middle Ages so thoroughly, deeply and impartially as Fr. Gieraths' little book. It was remarkably prophetic in almost every area of treatment. Of particular interest is his discussion of the spirituality of the Dominican nuns of this period and the contribution to German mysticism of John of Sterngassen. Unfortunately, very little of the relevant German literature on these subjects has been translated into English, including the important critical texts of the Rhineland convent chronicles.

Thus, as a general introduction to the Dominican Rhineland mystics of the fourteenth century, Life in Abundance remains unsurpassed. For this reason, Spirituality Today presents Fr. Gieraths' work in this single edition as a special supplement to the regular autumn issue. In order to preserve the integrity of the original series, excerpts from the sermons and writings of Eckhart, Tauler, Suso and John of Sterngassen, translated with Gieraths' text for the Cross and Crown series by Dr. Edward Schuster and Sr. Mary of the Immaculate Heart, O.P., have been left intact in this reprinting. Newer, fuller and, because of continuing critical studies, sometimes more accurate texts and translations have appeared, however, within the last few years. M. O'C. Walshe's translation of the complete sermons and treatises of Eckhart, and the Paulist Press translations of Eckhart by Edmund Colledge and Bernard McGinn, and of Tauler by Maria Schrady (see bibliography) should be consulted especially for further reading and appreciation of what Rufus Jones happily called "the flowering of mysticism in the fourteenth century."

-- Richard Woods, O.P., Editor



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