Shrine of St. Jude QuickTime Help Page

Our newer homilies are stored in QuickTime format, so your web browser (the program you are using right now to read this document) needs to be able to handle this format. The software for this is free from Apple Computer.

There is a two-step process to download it and install it on your computer. First, click here and fill out the form to download an "installer" program. This program is fairly small. You need to remember where you save it on your computer.

After you download and save the installer program, stay connected to the internet and run the installer program (usually "double-clicking" on it works). This program looks at what kind of computer you have, what operating system, and what programs are available to browse the internet and asks you if you would like QuickTime capability on all of them. I suggest that you say "yes". The installer program will then download the software that is specific to your computer and programs, put it all in the right places, and configure your computer to work.

Good luck, and thank you for listening.

-Scott Steinkerchner OP