Saint Dominic:
St. Dominic and His Works
     by Pierre Mandonnet, O.P. and M. H. Vicaire, O.P.
Saint Dominic and the Order of Preachers
      by Very Rev. J. B. O'Connor, O.P., P.G.
Life of Saint Dominic by the Rev. Père H. D. Lacordaire
      Translated by Mrs. Edward Hazeland. London: Burns and Oates. 1883.
St. Dominic: Biographical Documents
      ed. by Francis C. Lehner, O.P.
The First Disciples of St. Dominic
      by V. F. O'Daniel, O.P. (1928)
The Lives of the Brethren (Vitae Fratrum) 1206-1259
      Compiled at the direction of Bl. Humbert of Romans, Master General.
The Life of St. Dominic
     by Fr. Gregory Anderson.
St. Dominic: WEB LINKS

Dominican Order
The Dominicans by Fr. Benedict M. Ashley, O.P.
The Dominicans: A Short History by Wm. A. Hinnebusch, O.P.
"The Dominican Story" by Fr. Gregory Anderson, O.P.
"How the Dominican Order Faced Its Crises", by Wm. Hinnebusch, O.P.

Dominican Documents
Rule of St. Augustine.
The Fundamental Constitution.
Book of Constitutions and Ordinations

Dominican Spirituality
Dominican Spirituality: Principles and Practice
      by William A. Hinnebusch, O.P.
Dictionnaire de Spiritualité
Translation of the article on "FRIARS PREACHERS"

Dominican Saints

Selections from the Supplement to the Liturgy of the Hours (HTML) for the Order of Preachers Draft Translation (1991).
  Thumbnail biographies of the Dominican Blesseds, and Second Lessons from related historical and biographical documents.
       (in PDF   515kb 130pp.)

Blessed Diana and Blessed Jordan: Letters by Norbert Georges, O.P.
St. Catherine of Siena by Mary Ann Sullivan
Letters of St. Catherine of Siena ed. Vida Dutton Scudder (1906)
St. Catherine of Siena WWWeb links.

Aquinas Online A Comprehensive Website of Links and Information on St. Thomas

St. Albert the Great. WWWeb links.
Promotor of Causes: Our new saints and blesseds.

Dominican Related Articles from The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913 ed.

Order of Preachers by P. Mandonnet O.P.
A documented history of the Order and its legislation as of 1913, specially formatted for Dominican Central, with outline and linked footnotes.

Adoro Te Devote.
Agnes of Montepulciano. (1268-1317)
Alemany, Joseph Sadoc. (1814-1888)
Alanus de Rupe. (1428-1475)
St. Albert the Great. (1206-1280)
Fra Angelico. (1387-1455)
St. Antoninus. (1389-1459)
Banez, Dominigo. (1528-1604)
Bartolommeo, Fra. (1475-1517)
Bernard Guidonis. (1261-1331)
Cajetan, Tommaso de Vio Gaetani. (1469-1534)
Luis Cancer de Barbastro
     More on fray Luis Cancer
Cano, Melchior. (1509-1560)
Capreolus, John. (1380-1444)
Catherine of Siena: "Drawn by Love" a superb page of links .
St. Catherine de' Ricci. (1522-1590)
Concina, Daniello. (1687-1756)
Denifle, Heinrich Seuse. (1844-1905)
St. Dominic. (1170-1221)
Durandus of St. Pourçain. (d. 1332)
Johannes Augustanus Faber.
Filippo Anfossi
Master of the Sacred Palace
Meister Eckhart. (1260-1327)
Hugh of St-Cher. (1200-1263)
Humbert of Romans. (1194-1274)
Hyacinth. (1185-1257)
James of Voragine. ((1230-1298)
Alexander Vincent Jandel. (1810-1872)
John of Cologne and the Martyrs of Gorkum (1572)
John of Ragusa. (1380-1443)
John of St. Thomas. (1589-1644)
Lacordaire. (1802-1861)
St. Lorenzo Ruiz
St. Louis Bertrand. (1526-1581)
Louis of Granada. (1505-1568)
St. Peter of Verona (Peter Martyr)(1206-1252)
Pope St. Piux V. (Cath. Enc.)(1504-1572) also
St. Raymond of Penafort. (1175-1275)
Reginald of Piperno. (1230-1290)
Robert Kilwardby. (d. 1279)
St. Rose of Lima. (1586-1617)
Savonarola. (1452-1498)
Henry Suso. (1295-1366)
St. Thomas Aquinas. (1225-1274)
Tomás de Torquemada. (1420-1498)
Antoine Touron. (1686-1775)
Vicente Ferre. (d. 1682)
St. Vincent Ferrer. (1350-1419)
Francis Vittoria. (1480-1546)
William of Moerbeke. (1215-1286)
Tomasso Maria Ziglara. (1833-1893)
Martyrs of the Paris Commune (1871)

Other Links
Savonarola from The Cambridge Biographical Dictionary.
Georges Pire, O.P., Nobel Peace Laureate - 1958
Egnatio Danti
Bartolome de las Casas
Vincent of Beauvais O.P.
St. Peter of Verona, O.P.

Project O.P.U.S.
Project OPUS  
"The Order of Preachers in the United States, A Brief History,"
      by Sr. Mary Nona McGreal, OP, of Project OPus.

Leonard Boyle, O.P.: "St. Thomas and the Third Millennium"
A legacy talk on Dominican study and preaching by the late Medievalist and retired Prefect of the Vatican Library. (April 10, 1999)

Liam G. Walsh, O.P.: "Between Pluralism and Fundamentalism:
Dominican Education for the Third Millenium "
A Symposium: St. Thomas Aquinas and the Third Millennium:
Opening Plenary Session. April 9, 1999

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