Psalm 32 Thursday Evening 1

Happy is he whose offense is forgiven, * whose sin has been pardoned.

Happy the man * Yahweh does not accuse of wrong, * whose spirit is free from deceit.

But I was like a broken pot; * my bones were worn out * from my groaning all day long.

Day and night, Most High, * your hand was heavy.

I was drained, O Shaddai, * as by a summer drought.

My sin I made known to you; * and did not hide my guilt.

I said, I shall confess, Most High, * my offenses, Yahweh, * and you forgave my guilt and sin.

And so every worshiper * should pray to you.

When an army approaches, * or a great flood comes rushing, * these will not reach him.

You are my shelter; * protect me from my attackers. * My refuge, save me, enfold me!

I will instruct you and show you * the way you must go. * My eye is never closed on you.

Don't be like a horse, * or a mule without sense.

With muzzle and straps * must his spirit be curbed; * then you can approach him.

How many are the torments of the wicked! * But any who trust in Yahweh * with love he will enfold him.

Rejoice in Yahweh and be glad, you just; * shout for joy, all you upright of heart.


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