Psalm 31                                                                                                    Monday Readings 2

Yahweh, in you I have trusted; * let me not be disgraced, O Eternal! * In your fidelity rescue me!

    Turn your ear to me; * speedily deliver me!

    Be mine, Mountain of refuge! * Fortified Citadel, save me!

        For you are my rock and my fortress, * and for the honor of your name * you will lead me and guide me.

        You will free me from the net * which they hid for me, * for you are my refuge.

           Into your hand I entrust my life; * ransom me, Yahweh God!

        Truly I hate * those who keep worthless idols;

        I put my trust in Yahweh; * I will rejoice and be happy because of your kindness.

    When you saw my affliction, * you took care of me against the Adversary.

    You did not imprison me in the hand of the Foe, * nor set my feet in the Badland.

        Have pity on me, Yahweh, * for distress is mine!

        My eye is wasted with sorrow, * my throat and my belly.

           Yes, my life is spent with grief, * and my years in groaning.

           My strength fails through affliction; * my bones are wasted away; * my entrails are consumed.

               I have become the scorn even of my neighbors, * a frightful disaster to my friends; * those who see me in the street flee from me.

               I have shriveled up, senseless like a dead man, * I am like a broken jar.

                   For I hear the whistling of arrows, * terror all around,

                   when they conspire against me, * when they plot to take my life.

               But in you have I trusted, Yahweh; * I said, “You are my God; * my life-stages are in your hand.”

               Snatch me from the hand of my enemies, * and from my pursuers.

           Let your face shine on your servant; * save me in your kindness.

           Yahweh, let me not be shamed * when I call on you.

        Let the wicked be shamed * and thrown into Sheol!

        Let lying lips be muzzled * that speak against the Just One of Old * with pride and scorn.

    How many are the good things * that you have stored for those who fear you!

    that you have gathered for those who rely on you, * in the sight of the sons of men.

        You shield them in the shelter of your presence * from the slanderings of men;

        you shelter them in your abode * from the wranglings of tongues.

           Praise to Yahweh, * for he has shown me wondrous kindness * from his fortified city.

        Once I thought in my dismay, * “I am cut off from your sight.”

        But you heard my plea for mercy, * when I cried out to you.

    Love Yahweh, all his worshipers! * Yahweh preserves his faithful,

    but pays back heavily * any who act presumptiously.

Be strong and let your heart be sturdy, * all you who hope in Yahweh.


End of Mon Rd 2

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