Psalm 34                                                                                                    Tuesday Morning 1

Rejoice in Yahweh, you just, * praise His Glory, you upright!

    Praise Yahweh with the harp; * play for him the ten-stringed lyre.

    Sing a new song to him; * play sweetly to happy voices.

        For Yahweh's speech is straightforward; * all his works are dependable.

        He loves what is just and right; * of Yahweh's kindness the earth is full.

           By Yahweh's command the heavens were made, * by his spoken word the army of the stars.

           He gathers the oceans in a jar, * puts the depths of the sea in a storeroom.

           Fear Yahweh, all the earth! * Respect him, inhabitants of the world!

               He spoke, and there it all was * he commanded and everything stood.

               Yahweh frustrates the plans of nations, * and voids the schemes of peoples.

               But Yahweh's plan has stood from eternity; * his designs are for all generations.

                   Happy the nation * Yahweh its God has blessed,

                   the people he has chosen * to be his own.

               Yahweh looks down from heaven * and sees all mankind.

               Where he sits enthroned he gazes * on all who live on earth.

               The Creator inspects their hearts, * the Observer all their works.

           A king doesn't win * by a powerful army,

           nor does a warrior survive * because of his strength.

           His horse is useless for victory, * his big army for staying alive.

        Yahweh watches over those who fear him, * who rely on his kindness.

        He saves them from Death; * from its hunger he preserves their lives.

    We put our hope in Yahweh. * He is our protector and shield.

    We are glad because of him. * We trust in his holy name.

May your kindness, Yahweh, be with us, * as we put our hope in you.


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