Sunday Morning 1                                                        Psalm 63

rx;v;a] hT'a;               yliae ~yhil{a/

yrIf'b. ^l. Hm;K'           yvip.n: ^l. ha'm.c'-yKi

~yIm'-yleBu             @yo[' hY"ci-#r,a,B.

^d,Abk.W ^Z>[u tAar>li         ^ytiyzIx] vd,QoB; !Ke

^n>WxB.v;y> yt;p'f.mi         yYix;me ^D>s.x; bAj-yKi

yP'k; aF'a, ^m,v'B/             yY"x;b. ^k.r,b'a] !Ke

yvip.n: [B;f.Ti               !v,d,w" bl,xe AmyKi

yPi-lL,h;y>                  tAnn"r> ytep.fiw>

%B'-hG<h.a, tArmuv.a;B.         y['Wcy>-l[; ^yTir>k;z>-~ai

!NEr;a] ^yp,n"K. lceb.W          yLi ht'r'z>[, t'yyIh'-yKi

^n<ymiy> hk'm.T' yBi        ^yr,x]a; yvip.n: hq'b.D'

#r,a'h' tAYTix.t;B. Waboy"    yvip.n: Wvq.b;y> ha'Avl.-hM'hew>

Wyh.yI ~yli['vu tn"m.           br,x'-ydey>-l[; WhruyGIy:

rq,v'-yreb.Ad yPi rkeS'yI-yKi     AB [B'v.NIh;-lK' lLeh;t.yI     ~yhil{aBe xm;f.yI %l,M,h;w>


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