Psalm 63                                                                                                    Sunday Morning 1

God, my God, * for you I long.

    My soul is thirsty for you, * my body aches for you

        more than dry land * yearns for rain.

           In your sanctuary let me gaze on you, * seeing your power and glory.

        How much sweeter is your kindness * than my life and lips that praise you!

    So may I bless you through my life eternal * and in your heaven raise my hands.

        There with milk and butter * I will feast and be satisfied;

        my lips will shout for joy; * my mouth will sing your praise.

    On my bed I remember you; * all night long I think of you:

        “Oh, be my help! * Let me take shelter under your wings.

           Let me hold fast to you * and your right hand lift me up.”

        But those who seek to murder me, * can go to the bottom of the nether world.

    Let them meet the blade of his sword * and become the food of jackals.

But the king will rejoice in God; * all who swear by him will glory, * while the mouth of liars will be shut.


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