Psalm 141                                                                                        Eve before Sunday 1

Yahweh, I call to you, * help me now!

    Listen to me * as I call to you.

        Receive my prayer * as an offering of incense,

        my uplifted hands * as an evening sacrifice.

    Yahweh, put a guard my mouth,* Most High, lock my lips.

Keep my heart from evil, * from the works of the wicked.

        Let me not join the wicked * in lavish feasting,

           or else let the Just One strike me, * the Kind One punish me!

        Let their fine oil not brighten my head, * but my prayer be ever against their crimes.

Let their judges fall into the hands of the Rock * and hear how sweet his sentence is!

    Split and chopped as in the underworld, * lie my bones at the mouth of Sheol.

        But, Yahweh Lord, * I still look to you.

        In you I seek refuge, El; * protect my life!

    Guard me from the traps * and weapons of those evildoers.

May they fall into his nets, * the wicked—one and all, * while I myself escape.


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