Psalm 140                                                                                                      Friday Midday 4

Rescue me, Yahweh, from the evil man; * from the violent character protect me,

for they plan evil things in their hearts, * and all day long think of war.

They sharpen their tongue like a serpent; * viper's venom is under their lips.

    Guard me, Yahweh, from the hands of the wicked; * from the violent character protect me.

    Because they plan to trip my feet, * the presumptuous have hidden a trap for me.

    Terrorists have spread out a net, * and put snares for me at the edge of the path.

        I said, “Yahweh, you are my God; * listen, Yahweh, to my plea for mercy.

        Yahweh, my Lord, my fortress of safety, * shelter me on the day of battle!”

    Yahweh, do not grant the wishes of the wicked; * do not promote his evil design, Exalted.

    The mischief-makers who surround me— * may the poison of their lips drown them!

    May he heap hot coals on them, * plunge them into the Fire, * let them not rise from the mud pit.

The man with a tongue: * may he find nowhere to settle!

The man of violence: * may the Evil One hunt him into Exile!

I know that Yahweh will maintain * the cause of the persecuted, the rights of the poor.

            The just will certainly praise your Name; * the upright will dwell before your face.


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